Legend of the Dark Knight: Penguin, Our Hero

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Penguin is coming down the stairs, he looks good

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Penguin is coming down the stairs, he looks good. His army of people are singing a little song for him. "Oh Penguin how we love you......" Sound kind cool.. Penguin makes his way over to his desk, he has a huge smile. He is feeding the dog Steak. While Mr Penn is telling him about the food stores.. So funny. A few of his men who are singing fall to the ground with hunger.. Penguin asks why. Mr Penn tells him about his people defecting. Don't know why that would be do you?? "Where are they going?"Penguin asked. "To Haven Sir." Mr Penn said. "That is Jim Gordon;'s territory." Penguin shouted. "Finally breakfast!" Penguin shouts. But alas the Biker gang break in. "Where are my security?" Penguin yells.. Poor Pengie, I think he is in a bit of a pickle... Ha ha ha ha ha...

"Will and Ashley are having nightmares Jim." Bruce told his while he was doing his rounds. "Will fell off his bunk and broke his arm." Bruce said concern in his voice. "I will go and see them, now. What are you doing here Bruce, I thought you were sitting bedside with Selina?" Jim asked. "Oh Jade got a letter from Barbara. Harley, Jade and Selina with Jackson are in a 'meeting'."Bruce said, raising his eyebrows. "Barbara give Jade a letter?" Jim asked. "Yes I am still not sure what it is about." Bruce said. "OK then. Hey guys you feeling a little low? Don't want to play with the other kids?" Jim asked them. They sat huddled together on the bottom bunk. "JIM!" Ashley yelled throwing herself at him. "Ash, misses ya a lot Mr Gordon." Will said.. "Well then we will have to find you two something to do." Jim said. "No more chains." Will said. "No. no more chains." Jim replied Ashley smiled up at him then across at Bruce.

Back at the hospital Selina is having nightmares about Jeremiah. "Selina, Selina wake up it aint real." Jade said shaking her. "What?" Selina asked in shock as she seen Jade standing over her. "Selina, Jade are you two alright?" Tony asked rushing to them. "Selina had a nightmare about Jeremiah." Jade said sitting on the bed with her. "How would you know?" Selina asked feeling as if her privacy was being invaded. "It's me, Selina, Jade. Ya remember don't ya?" Jade asked. "Yes I do thank you very much." Selina said jumping out of the bed and leaving the room. "That aint good." Jade said looking at Tony. "How can I help Jade?" He asked her. Jade smiled.

"I have to go tell Ivy." Jade said to Joker. Do we have to go to the plant thing now?" He asked her. "I can go on me own, You can go and play with Detective Bullock again if ya like?" Harley replied giggling.. "Hey old man, let them know we are off to see the plant thing will ya." Joker said to Alfred. He of course did not speak.

"Ivy?" Harley called to her. "Sister?" Ivy called back from the Tree, she then came around it like the Ivy vine, clinging to it. "You really are creepy." Joker said to her. "You are alive because of her." Ivy said glaring back at him. Stop it you two. Ivy Jade has some news for us. She got a letter from Butch Gilzean." Harley said. "Butch?" Ivy asked. "Ya know the one who worked with Fish Mooney, and the odd little Penguin." Harley said. "Oh yeah what of it?" Ivy asked. "Ya might need to sit." Harley said. "Why?" Ivy asked floating to the ground under the tree.. "Well it says here that Jade's Mummy sold me to your parents." Harley said giggling.. "I cost them $1,000 ." Harley continued giggling. Ivy smiled. "Our Dad brought me and told ya Mum that she had twins. But it don't end there. Butch was at our place a lot over the years hey?" Harley asked. "Yeah, why?" Ivy asked. "To look out for Selina and Jade. He was paying the Pike family to look out for them. He also paid our Dad. You see Selina's mum dumped them at the orphanage, they escaped. Butch found em and took them to the Pikes." Harley said. "Taylor looked out for all of us, and reported back to Butch all the time." Jade said appearing from nowhere.. "So why didn't they help us when we were alone on the streets?" Ivy asked. "He did, he got us work all the time, he helped us when he could. He even paid for our school." Jade said. "He was actually our God Parent." Jade said a tear rolling down her cheek. "Why ya crying Jade?" Ivy asked glaring at her. "Butch died, Penguin killed him out of spite." Jade said. "I say let's go get him with me bat." Harley said giggling. "Well I am glad you told me, but I have other things I need to work on." Ivy said standing. "Ya know ya should not do it." Jade said to her. Ivy smiled. "So what happened to Selina?" Ivy asked smiling. "Oh she is just so cool, she has Cat eyes." Harley said giggling.

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