Legend of the Dark Knight: Trespassers

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"What is your name son?" Jim asked

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"What is your name son?" Jim asked. "Will Thomas Sir." Will said. "How do you know Ashley?" Jim asked. "We were chained together." Will said. "Was there a woman called Lee with you?" Jim asked. "No just us kids. But Ashley did say something about Lee. She thought she was dead." Will said with a sad face. Jim hugged the boy. He and Harvey then talked while Will was bathed, and fed. "Where is the Tunnel going to do ya think?" Harvey asked Jim. "Assemble a team we are going in." Jim said. Harvey walked away mumbling about some stray bullet getting him. Poor old Harvey!!

Jim on the two way again. "We have children here who need help." Jim said. "Stay in the green zone. Take care of your territory. We are working on a solution." The man said. Jim turned the radio off. Why Jim don't ya like the news......

Bruce is off to the park where the Witch is. Harley is with him. "Why did you come along again Harley?" Bruce asked as she hid behind him giggling. "I think the Witch could be Ivy, I feel her here." Harley said giggling again. They enter the huge stone room. They see men hanging off the wall, dead. With poison Ivy vine holding them there. "Looks a lot like it don't it?" Harley said giggling again. Bruce is his usual brooding self, he does not speak. "Oh yeah it's Ivy alright." Harley said as she bashed the man that was about to hit Bruce. "Who are you?" The man asked. "I am here to see the Witch." Bruce said. "Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya." Harley said giggling, she held out her hand. "Why do you want to see the Witch?" The man asked Bruce ignoring Harley. Good call man, don't look at Harley! "My ..." Harley was about to say sister. When Bruce said. "My Brother he needs her medicine." Bruce said. "Yeah what he said." Harley said smiled. "We imprisoned her in the back room. She is dangerous." He said. "You did what?" Harled demanded.. Bruce held her back from swinging the bat. "May we go and talk with her please?" Bruce asked. The man looked at Harley again. She chewed on her gum, then blew a bubble, smiling at him. "Just for a moment." The man said looking back at Bruce. "You will have to be quick, we plan to burn her." The man said. "Really?" Harley said raising her bat again. "Harley!" Bruce scolded her. Harley smiled at the man and went into the room to find Ivy in a rather nice looking green sparkling dress. Looks like plants were growing on it. So cool Ivy.. "Ivy!" Harley yelled going to her to hug her. "Sister?" Ivy said then she spotted Bruce. "Billionaire boy. Why are you hanging with him?" Ivy asked. "Jade and Selina need your help sister." Harley said. "Why? What's wrong with them?" Ivy asked. "Selina can't walk, Jade well her arm don't work, and they are so sad Ivy." Harley blurted out. "Well those bitches can die for all I care." Ivy said. "Ivy?" Harley said looking at her. "Look I will make a deal with ya Billionaire boy. Get me out of here, I will heal Selina and Jade." Ivy said. "How do I know we can trust you?" Bruce asked. "You don't." Ivy said with a smile. "Come on Brucey Boy, let's get this party started." Harley said giggling. Bruce brings Ivy out of the prison. "No you can not do that, she is dangerous." The man said. Harley and Ivy look at each other. They smile. OMG Did ya see how fast they were, knocking them out and killing them.. So cool girls... "You didn't have to kill them." Bruce said to the girls. "Oh yeah we did." Ivy and Harley said giggling..

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