Legend of the Dark Knight: Year Zero

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No Man's Island

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No Man's Island

The music is playing, the record going around and around. Riddler, looking good I might add is pulling on his gloves. He places an Ace playing card in his pocket.. What does he think he is the Joker now?? He wishes... Ha ha ha ha.. Whoo hoo, looks like he is about to go into battle..

Pengie is being dusted down with .. what .. face powder. Oh Pengie so vain, ha ha ha ha.. He then has his rose coloured glasses placed on his face. Like Ed, I think he is going into battle... Cool..

Joker and Harley well they are Joker and Harley. They do not need face paint, they are already pasty white, they don't need to strap on guns, they seem to be permanently on them. Also they are both deadly weapons anyway.. Jade is there suiting up with them. Slipping on hr long black boots, and a black leather jacket. "Ya know he said ya don't have to do this don't ya?" Harley asked her for the last time. "I know, I want to. It's my Gotham too." Jade said giggling with Harley. Now I know there is a battle..

Harvey is sitting in the empty bar. He reaches for his bottle. Harvey then loads up his hand gun. Hope ya got other protection Harvey, the others look mean..

Whoa even Jim Gordon is in battle gear. Must be serious now.. They all meet at what looks like a big metal stockade.. "Fire on my command. For Gotham." Jim said. They all repeat. "For Gotham before the let loose with the fire power..

Day 87

Jim is talking on the two way radio. "The city is in Chaos. Penguin has taken over city hall. He is making ammo for the highest bidder." Jim said. You see Penguin sitting pretty he is talking to Who?? Mr Penn?? "Barbara Kean, and Tabatha Galavan are still running the club. Men trade information with Barbara, to be there. Tabatha kills those who overindulge." Jim said. Still super aggressive Tabatha, nice to see.. "To the west is Jonathan Crane. Scaring people into submission with his crew." Jim said. We can see he has lots of minions now. Nice one Crane.. "To the South The Joker and Harley are thriving, on god knows what." Jim continued. Yep there they are I see you Harley doing that dirty dancing thing. We like it so dose Joker sorry we were not looking.

"To the north Victor Freeze is locked in battle with Hellfire and Firefly. " Jim said. Whoa girls not nice, melting his little walls. We like you girls, I think Freeze likes Firefly.... Ha ha ha ha ha.. "To date no sign of Jerome Valaska." Jim finished. The man on the other end sympathies with him, but he will not help. Poor Jim you are on ya own...

"We need to operate, or her spine will turn to jelly." The doctor told Bruce and Alfred. Selina is on the bed crying. Jade is in pain, but sitting on the edge of her bed next to Selina. What, I thought they loaded up to get off?? Oh they got caught, when Jerome blew the bridges.. Bruce comes in to talk to Selina. Why are they talking to him and not me? Jade thought. "They will have to do it here Selina." Bruce said. "Just do it." Selina said turning from Bruce. "Coffee for my girl." Tony said coming to sit with Jade. "Tea for me. Alfred has yours." Tony said to Bruce. He mumbled thank you and left the room. "So what drama did I miss this time?" Tony asked looking at Selina. Jade sipped her coffee...

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