A Dark Knight: No Man's Land

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Selina and Jade are being rushed off to hospital

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Selina and Jade are being rushed off to hospital. "Mara I am here, I will not leave you Mara." Tony said holding her hand. Selina is on the other stretcher. "Are you going to leave Bruce?" She asked as they pushed her down the corridor. "No Selina, I am here for you." Bruce replied. "Do you promise?" Selina asked. "Yes Selina I promise." Bruce said as the doors burst open Selina was taken from him. Tony stood there looking at the doors sewing. Bruce came and placed a hand on his shoulder. Tony shrugged it off. "You know you should not keep promises that you can not, or will not keep." Tony said as she sat staring at the doors. Oh shit, will Selina and Jade be alright??

The GCPD is taunting Jeremiah through the bars. Jim thanks Alfred. On ya Alfred ya got the Freak!!

Harvey is tellin Jim, they have all the bombs. Except one. Jeremiah wants to talk to Jim. "I want to press charges against Bruce and Tony, Wayne's butler. He assaulted me." Jeremiah said. "We have the bomb's I am still alive. You have lost Jeremiah." Jim said. "I want to speak to Bruce Wayne. Then I will tell you where the other bombs are." Jeremiah said. "There are no more." Jim said. "Then innocent people will die Jim. Bring me Bruce Wayne." Jeremiah said sitting down to stare at them all again. Ya better watch out Jim, he after all is a master builder. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.. He is also 100% creepy..

"No heartbeat, how odd." Strange said about Butch. He now has him on the table giving him a blood injection. Yeah! Butch is coming back... "You know he is just amazing." Strange said looking at Butch. Butch and Tabby are happy. Did ya see em smiling away.. Awe they is in love.... Until Tabatha got the call. "What?" Penguin asked. He is in the background smiling away. He's up to something we can just feel it.. "That Freak Jeremiah has just shot Selina and Jade. They are in hospital." Tabatha said. "I have to go." She went to get her gun. "Give the kids my love will ya." Butch said to Tabatha. "I will wait here with Butch. You go. Say hello to Selina and Jade for me too." Penguin said smiling. Now we know he is up to something... "I aint going to see the girls, I am going to kill the Freak." Tabatha said. "Oh well good luck with that too." Penguin said smiling..

"Where is she?" Harley asked when she got to the hospital with Joker. "Hello Jackson, Harley. Jade is in theater, she should regain full use of her arm. Selina we are not sure about. She may never walk again." Tony said. "She will walk again!" Bruce said getting up and walking away. "What did he do?" Joker asked Tony. "Nothing, Jeremiah went to shoot Selina, Jade went to throw herself in front of Selina. She got one in the shoulder. Selina one in the stomach." Tony said. By now Joker was getting really mad. "Where was he?" Joker asked looking at Bruce. "Me, I stood beside Selina and stared at Jeremiah. I did nothing!" Bruce yelled. Tony held Joker back, he went for Bruce his teeth bared. "We are in the hospital Jackson, Please let it go until later." Tony said. "I will be at the fun house Haley. I take it you are waiting here?" Joker asked. "Can I?" She asked him. Joker laughed and walked away. Oh shit what is he going to do now??

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