A Dark Knight: One Bad Day

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"Captain James Gordon, is missing presumed dead

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"Captain James Gordon, is missing presumed dead." The lady on the new said. Giving her sad face, like she cars?? Poor Jim, we care... I have told you before Gotham stop killing off characters we love!! Harvey turns of the tv. "Jim Gordon is alive." Harvey said. "How do you know this?" Foxy asked.. Because like us Foxy he feels if he believes hard enough it will be so.. Besides, he has to live to become Commissioner Gordon, ya know to help the B man!!! "Jeremiah was not in the bunker. There were no signs of life." Harper said to Harvey. "And we know this why?" Harvey asked. "Because he is outside now. Oh and he is not alone." She added..

"What the hell?" Harvey said pulling his gun on Jeremiah and his now grey army.. But the Jeremiah looks well I am divided, is he supposed to be like the Joker? Or The Penguin? Hard to say he has sought of combined the look of both.. His army through are all dressed in grey. Some have colorful hair, and faces, but mainly just grey.. I think I like Jerome better.. "My followers may look different but they will still obey me." he said to Harvey. He then boasts about how he killed James Gordon. Unlike his Brother Jerome who did his best.. "Now unlike Jerome, who only wanted to colour this town. I want to build a new one. But first I have to burn it to the ground. I have placed bombs all around Gotham. You have 6 hours to evacuate the city." Jeremiah said. "What if I don't make it?" Harvey asked knowing that the task was an impossible one.. "Then you will have to watch them die." Jeremiah said. Just so you know I am serious, I have made a little Boom Boom." He then sets it off. Oh shit he blew the clock tower!

Tony, Jade, Selina stand in the hospital looking out the window. "What are the chances of them not being related?" Jade asked Tony. He stood there looking in disbelief. What was happening to his city?? Selina turned around. "Hey where did Alfred go?" Selina asked. "Come girls we have to find him." Tony called to them. Go girls go help the Wayne's..

"Shame I liked the clock tower." Barbara said. "Jim took me there once for a date." She said. "Really Mother. You are unbelievable. I for one have had enough of the Death and disruption in Gotham. I am leaving right now with Tommy." Samantha said. "So what did you say you were studding?" Rachel asked. "Tommy wants to be a doctor." Samantha said. "But what do you want to be?" Rachel asked. Samantha smiled. "Maybe a Doctor too." She said. "Are you pregnant, because I am too young to be a grandmother." Barbara said. "If I was Mother you would never know. I love you Rachel, Aunty Tabatha. Bye Mummy, take care of Rachel for me." Samantha said before walking away with tears in her eyes.. Rachel cried, Barbara poured another drink. No! No! Samantha don't go!! We are going to miss ya... Come back soon... "Bye Mr Cobblepot." Samantha said as she walked by him. "Oh great The Penguin and his rotting corpse." Barbra said. "Butch." Tabatha breathed as she watched him. "Tabby." He said smiling at her. "What do you want?" Barbara asked. "A 50/50 share in Gotham's holdings. The Mayor has at least 100.000 in his fund." Penguin said smiling."How exactly are we going to get this?" Barbara asked. Penguin tells her that he knows where he keeps the main relay for his bombs. They go to him and blackmail him, to blackmail the mayor. Oh come on it is Penguin people, nothing uncomplicated with him..

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