A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse

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Jerome's followers are at his grave. Not many left is there? They are partying, and drinking. Well they are gargling and spitting on his grave.. A girl on a bike arrives. Se looks like our very own, {But,Fake} Harlequin. She is wearing a white mask and has a jester hat on. No not our Harley she is so much more stylish!! She blows a bull horn, then holds a recorded message up to it. "Hello followers, I may be dead, but I still rule. Dig me up!" He shouts. So the fools do. I thought Jim killed him in the last episode??

Jim and Harvey are watching Lee in the interview room. "The back door is open, no one else is here. You can let her go if ya want. I am real good at looking away." Harvey said. "No. It's not right." Jim said. "Hey we have done a lot worse." Harvey said walking away. Jim interviews Lee. Asks her to give up Nygma. He will help her. She wants him to come to the Narrows with her. Harvey interrupts.

A parcel all wrapped in purple sparkles, has arrived for Jim. Form Jerome. Really?? It's a video of Jerome's last will and testament. "Whoo hoo, did he leave anything to Pengie and Butch? What about Joker and Harley? Not even Firefly and Hellfire?? What not a cracker for Tetch, and Scarecrow ether?? After all the work they did??? All he wants is for Jimmy to throw him a wake?? Is he crazy?? Yep!! He even invited who he wanted to come, the booze the lot! Ha ha ha ha ha... Can ya hear em Jim they are banging on the front door, with a coffin!

Joker and Harley are driving down past the GCPD. "Oh Look Puddin they are having a party. Can we go?" She asked leaning over into him. He skids the car to a halt. "Why not love." Joker said climbing out of the car with a laugh..

Riddler is sitting on the desk, he is having a meeting about Lee. He is going to break her out of the GCPD. On ya Ed.. Oh I mean Riddler!! "Me and my crack team will go in and get her out." Ed, sorry Riddler said. His crack team consists of a group of teenagers. But no Ashley.. Anyway Ed is gathering his things and group to go, and extract Lee form the GCPD. "Bicycle Pump? Can Opener? Primer Cord? Pickle Jar? Fishing Rod? Yes? Fabulous." he said. Hey Ed ya going on a picnic or to break Lee out of the GCPD??

Jim is on the phone, he calls Alfred. "Where's the boys?" he asked. "With Jeremiah in his bunker." Alfred said. "Good they are safe. Jerome's crew are beating at our door." Jim said. :"Right oh then. I will go to the bunker." Alfred said loading up his gun.

"So what's the plan Captain?" Harvey asked. "Let's hit the armory." Jim said. "I like ya thinking." Harvey said. "We then retreat out the back door, surround them and take them out." Jim said. "I like it." Harvey said. Jim goes on to say here at the GCPD is only a distraction. He has to work out how to find the real deal. Ahem Jim, do ya think it could be to take out Bruce and Tony??

At the bunker Jeremiah is showing Bruce the new generators they have made. Looks cool don't it?? "Yeah I'm with you Tony, boring! "This is very exciting Tony. With these we can power all of Gotham.." Bruce said. "Why because we don't own enough of Gotham now?." Tony asked sitting down. "I know, you do not share your beautiful mind with your brother. Jerome and I were the same." Jeremiah said. He fussed some more with his device. "I have his diary. Every dark thought he had is in here." Jeremiah said showing them the book. "Jeremiah, Jerome is dead." Bruce said. "But is he?" Jeremiah asked. Bruce's phone rings. Jim is calling. "Jerome's followers are here at the GCPD." Jim said. "I am on the way." He continued. "Thank you." Bruce said. "Who was that Bruce?" Tony asked. "No one." Bruce said. "Why are you lying to your brother?" Jeremiah asked. "I'm not lying." Bruce said. Yeah ya are Brucey boy.. "Hello? Jade my love. Excuse me gentlemen, by love is on the line." Tony said leaving the room. "It's Jerome's followers, they are at the GCPD." Bruce told Jeremiah. Who cares about that, why is Jade calling Tony?

Alfred hears a noise, he goes to investigate. He is taken out by someone. Who??

Selina is driving the rolls back to Wayne Manor, Jade is talking to Tony. A motor bike rushes past them. "Who was that Selina?" Jade asked. "What?" Tony asked. "We are on the way up the drive, a motor bike just flew past us. Wait Selina is going inside to check." Jade said. "Don't hang up yet Jade. Tell Alfred to come get me please. I don't want to be here with the psycho any more." Tony rabbited on about Jeremiah and Bruce. "OH shit Tony come quick, Alfred is down. Selina has just called the ambulance." Jade said. Tony hung up and run for the car. "Stuff you Bruce." Tony said running. Well Bruce boy will play with phys...

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