A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond

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Barbara is still in her new home

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Barbara is still in her new home. She is admiring her painting on the wall. Well it does sought of look like Barbara. When she first came to Gotham, ya know when she was with Jimbo.. She is attacked by her Ning's. What?? Ya better get some control over them Barbra.. Ha ha ha They tell Barbara she should be able to sense when they are near..

Bruce, Selina, Tony, and Jade speeding through the night in the new bat-mobile. Jade and tony huddled in the back Jade giggling. Bruce, revving the engine, showing off. He likes ya Selina, just the way you like him.. "What was that Jade, this car sure is loud." Selina said. Bruce slows down, he puts the car into silent mode. Super Cool Brucey! "Now ya just showing off." Selina said giggling. Bruce actually cracked a smile, call the Press! "So why did Tabatha say she wanted us for?" Bruce asked. "Not sure, something about Barbara." Selina said. "For the record she did say it was important." Jade said. No one spoke, I think they were just enjoying the ride.. But soon enough it has come to an end. Tabatha is outside waiting. Bruce hesitates. "Ya coming?" Selina asked. Bruce nodded and followed the girls and Tony into the building. Once inside, they are held down. Jade bites her captor on the hand. "She is a little vicious is she not?" Tony said. Bruce who has gone limp in his captors arms. Asked, "This is about Ra's?" Well Dah Bruce!! The men take Bruce to Ra's body. I thought he disintegrated into ash?? They cut Bruce's hand drip the blood on Ra's. "Bone, Flesh, Breath. Come talk to us our leader." The men chant over his body. "NO! You don't know what you have done. Ra's wanted to die." Bruce yells at them. "Ya know maybe ya should listen to him. He has killed him once already." Jade said. "Make her quite." One of them said. "You do it, she bit me." He replied. "Baby." Tony said. Selina tried not to laugh. The from the coffin rises a very creepy zombie like Ra's al Ghul! Bruce is now laying on the floor almost in tears. "Hey Bruce, Why so sad?" Jade asked giggling. Sorry Joker borrowed ya line....

Harvey and Jim talking about five banks being robbed on one night. Sounds to me like The Riddler!! Jim is on a mission. He is off to see Lee. We know Jim any excuse..

Lee is watching the money being handed out to the people of the Narrows. Nice one Lee. Ed/Riddler is not as impressed. "What am I to you Lee?" He asked her. What is he Ed again? "A friend, business partner." Lee replied. "Nothing more, I am only good for one night?" Ed/Riddler asked. He looks like Riddler, but sounds like a lovesick Ed. Funny... "First we do our work, then we have time for other things." Lee said to him with her smile. Oh she is a wicked one aint she. But I must say I do like her gloves. Nice touch Lee..

"You could have told me." Selina said to Tabatha. "We might not have come then." Jade said as she stood beside Tony. Selina now looking out for Bruce's hand. Ra's is not a happy Zombie now. He demands to know what is going on. "The one you gave the Demons head to. She is a woman." One man said. "And?" Ra's asked. "She is spoilt and Selfish." He continued. "Yep right on all accounts. Aunty Barbara is Selfish, Spoil, and a woman." Jade said smiling. You go girls...

Penguin and Butch have come to see Lee and Ed/Riddler. "You owe us, we made you." Penguin said. "Hello Ashley, how are you?" Lee said smiling at her. "I am good thanks. You still with them?" Ashley asked looking at Ed. Lee smiled. "We need money, how much did you get last night?" Penguin asked. "3 to 4 million." Ed/Riddler replied. "Alright then we can go halves." Pengie said smiling. "Bite me." Lee said. "Not nice Lee." Ashley said. "Do you know who they are Ashley?" Lee asked. "Yeah really naughty men. But at least they never lied to me." Ashley said glaring at Ed. Penguin watches Lee and Ed together. "Oh My God you are kidding me." Penguin said. "You are in love with her?" Lee looked away, Ed to the ground. "He's loved her for a long time. She told me, she was not ready yet." Ashley said. Penguin shuffled over to Ed. "Make sure you skim some off the top. For when she ditches you." Penguin said. He turned to leave with Butch. "Ashley, we are here if you ever want to come back." Lee said. "Thanks. I still like ya ya know. But for now I want to help Uncle Butch. Bye Lee." She said walking away.

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