A Dark Knight: That's Entertainment

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The Mayor is having a meeting

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The Mayor is having a meeting. He has the church, the police commissioner and a few others there. He is rabbiting on about something. When guess who arrives. Yep crazy one Jerome. He takes them all hostage. Takes them all out into the huge truck. "I have access to the policemen's retirement fund." The commissioner said. "How nice for you." Joker said. "Who are you?" The Mayor asked. "Me. I am no one." Joker said laughing. "You young lady, what do you want? Maybe some more money for some larger clothes?" He asked Harley eyeing her off. "Oh don't look at her." Jerome said laughing. "She is his toy, he will kill ya if ya look or touch." Jerome said, laughing. "But I can get you a pardon Mr Valaska." The Mayor said. "Nice, tempting even. But no." Jerome said. "Bridget, Taylor? I can help you both. Get you a job, a nice new house?" He said to them. As Bridget and Taylor handcuffed him to the van. "Yes and it's people like you who let us be taken to Dr Strange's lab." Bridget said. "And you want us to trust you again?" Taylor said. "I don't think so." Bridget said with a smile. Super cool guys!! Shit did you see Penguin in the background. He is not a happy Pengie! As Scarecrow and Tetch handcuffed the others. Jerome babbled on about .... Oh something. "No one smiles anymore." He said. The police commissioner looked at Joker. He moved into his face. "Why so Serious?" he asked laughing in his face. "Oswald please help me, us, there are women here." The mayor said. "Oh Mr J aint he nice thinking of us girls?" Harley said popping her gum. Joker laughed. "Now for the exciting part." Jerome said. Scarecrow came out to the lady he sprayed her with purple gas. She began to laugh and laugh. Did ya see the look on Pengie's face? He is not amused, but Harley and Joker are... Let the games begin!

Alfred with Bruce and Tony they are down in the garage. "Why are we here Alfred?" Bruce asked. "It's you birthdays. I love your birthday." Alfred said. "You old softie." Tony said hugging the man. "You know I can remember your 7 th Birthday. You two got little red tractors. Your parents had a party for you. You Master Bruce did not go to the party, you played at building a house for your tractor. You Master Tony played all day with Miss Kean. You gave her ride after ride on your tractor." Alfred said with a smile. "I remember that! We didn't even go to the party. We were having so much fun on our own." Tony said laughing. "You know I thought you and Samantha would marry one day." Bruce said. "Nope she is like my sister. Besides, I know she is in love with Bumbling Tommy Elliot." Tony said laughing. "Are you with Jade?" Bruce asked. Tony smiled. "Ahm well then boys this car you will have to share." Alfred said. "I get the keys I after all am the oldest!" Bruce said laughing. "Share now!" Tony said laughing. Good to see the boys not fighting anymore. "Here she is.. {Always a girl Huh? Ha ha ha} V8 five-liter, 460 horsepower engine. Painted mat black. Hard to see at night. Oh and 100% bullet proof. Can not be too careful now." Alfred said with a smile. Bruce for once is speechless. "Thanks Alfred." Both the boys said hugging Alfred. Awe, I want an Alfred too!!

Jim at the GCPD. "The Mayor and The Police Commissioner have been kidnapped by Jerome." Jim said. Penguin calls Jim on the phone, tells him to come around the back. He wants to talk. "You have to stop him. He is a mad man." Penguin said. "I am trying. Where is he?" Jim asked. "I don't know. No one is privy to his plans." Penguin said. "Then why help him?" Jim asked. "Because I am so scared of him." Penguin said grabbing at Jim's jacket. "Jim, we found Jerome." Harvey called to him. Penguin scurried away. "He is at Paisley square." Harvey said.

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