A Dark Knight: The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause

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Now we know Martin and Emily are still alive

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Now we know Martin and Emily are still alive. But what we didn't know was that Zsasz gave them up to Sofia. Naughty one Zsasz! They are now sitting in an apartment. There are two huge men sitting watching them. It takes two goons to look out for two little kids, Really? Well they are morons. One is reading a DC comic. Well maybe not then.. Martin has notes on his notebook. Telling him that they will be safe if he and Emily do as they're told. Martin smiles. "He needs to go to the toilet." Emily said to them. The comic book man grunts. Martin gets to the kitchen, he turns on the gas, as instructed to do. Returns to room. A few moments pass. "What is that smell?" Comic book asks. They both go to investigate, they see the gas on and turn it off. As a rocket launches it's way right to them. Clever! Martin and Emily have their hands over their ears as instructed. A shadow enters the room. ED? No THE RIDDLER! Don't ya just love Gotham?? "Your Uncle Penguin sent me to take you away." Riddler said. "Is there ice cream involved?" Emily asked with a smile. "You look like another girl." Ed said. "I get that a lot." Emily said giggling, sounding just like Jade and Harley..

Samson is in the narrows, he is in the ring. He is having some man beaten up. Not nice Samson! "I am not an animal, I just want my money." He said to the man before killing him. Lee is in the crowd, she has a hoodie on. Suits ya Lee. Ha ha ha...

Jim and Harvey are in Jim's office. "I swear I didn't know until it was too late." Jim said. "Well you are lucky I know one of Falcone's hit-man. Goes by the name Skinner." Harvey said, he is now off on a mission.

Bruce and Tony are in the kitchen. Surprised ya know where it is Bruce. There are cans being pushed out of cupboards. "Selina?" Bruce asked as she popped up from the floor. "Ya know ya have nothing to eat here." Selina said. "Except these yummy cookies from the blue tin." Jade said from her position on the table. "Hello Jade." Tony said giving her a silly smile. "Hello yer-self Tones." Jade said. "Get a room already you two." Selina said laughing. "What is wrong Selina?" Bruce asked. "I need your help." Selina said. "How much?" Bruce asked. "He's onto you Selina." Jade said giggling. "Ya see I stole something. Fenced it. Now I want to buy it back." Selina said. "Now tell him why?" Jade said. "Why not ask Barbara Kean?" Tony said. "No we can't she don't know about this." Jade said. "I, we stole form Roland Charles. I want to give it back to them." Selina said. "I'll get some cash." Bruce said without hesitation. "That's the one Ivy killed right?" Tony asked. "I love ya Tones." Jade said. " After this we have to talk Jade." Tony said. What happened to Mara Tony??

Pengie at Arkum has been hauled to see the guards. He is beaten up! Not sure why?

Harvey at the pastry shop. "Hi Angus, or should I say Skinner?" Harvey said. An old woman turns around. What the hell Gotham!! "Bullock, long time no see." She said smiling at him. "I need something on Falcone." Harvey said. "Mr Penn. He worked for them all." She said. Way cool Mr Penn, but where are ya??

Sofia is going right off. "How can they escape?" She yelled She sends Zsasz off to Arkum to kill Penguin. He takes a friend with him. Oh Shit it is Headhunter, so cool....

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