A Dark Knight: Reunion

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Bruce is alone in the Manor

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Bruce is alone in the Manor. He has taken out the suit Foxy gave him, he places the mask into the fire. What's up Batty Boy, didn't Alfred return fast enough for ya????

Naughty Ivy has come to the bar to see Harvey. "Where is Harvey?" She asked. "Away sick." They young man said. "Oh Ivy, we could go to his home." Harley said giggling. "Do you know where he lives?" Ivy asked. "Na." Harley said. "Time we went." Joker said downing his drink. "No, I want to leave Harvey a message." Ivy said. "Do ya thing Plant thing." Joker said. As he and Harleen left the bar, Ivy pulled out a flower. Ivy what are ya doing??

Sofia and Lee are chatting. Sofia wants the Narrows to bend the knee, she also wants 30% of all ill gotten gains. "Look I will kiss the ring. But 30%? That will break them." Lee said. "You can kiss the ring if you want. But I still want 30%" Sofia said. "But you said we were family." Lee threw back at her. "Yes we are. But I never said we were a happy family." Sofia said. BITCH!!!

Alfred and Tony at the dinner. Alfred has his tea, as does Tony, Each have a page of the paper. Bruce enters. "I'm glad you said you would meet me." Bruce said. "Why would I not? We are family after all." Tony said. "Yes we are. I would like for you both to come back." Bruce said. "Why so Alfred can wash ya smalls, and cook for ya?" Tony asked. "He still does it for you." Bruce replied. "No I bloody well don't." Alfred replied. Tony nodded his head. "No I wash me own clothes. Alfred and I are family." Tony said with a smile. "So we can be a family again too. I need your help." Bruce said. "No." Alfred said. "What? Why? I have changed." Bruce asked. "Show me, us you have changed." Alfred said. Tony smiled at Bruce. Alfred packed up the paper and got up to leave. "He's paying thank Miss." Alfred said with a smile Tony followed Alfred. On ya boys, Make him work for it!!

OMG Ed is talking to The Riddler! So cool so funny. "You know taking those Koo-Koo pills are not going to help." Riddler said to Ed as he stuffed his face with pills. "No but they will stop you trying to kill Lee." Ed replied. Riddler laughs. "For now." Riddler aid laughing. "Oh mail." Riddler aid looking over Ed's shoulder. "It's from Oswald. He wants me to forgive him. Like that is ever going to happen." Ed said throwing thee paper in the trash. "What has two eyes but can not see?" Riddler asked Ed. "Who cares." Ed said Riddler laughed.. What Riddler??

Foxy is at the bar where Ivy did her plant thing. She has accelerated plant growth. They now instead of having Ivy growing out of them, have a crimson plant. That is the dead ones people. Ivy you are just so cool.. Jim comes in. "Where's Harvey?" Jim asked. "Not here." Foxy said. "Harvey killed Ivy Peppers Dad." Jim said. "Do you think he was the target?" Foxy asked. Well duh Foxy...

GCPD, break down Harvey's apartment door. "Clear. He is not here." One officer said. Oh yes he is. Look on the lounge, sprawled out in his underclothes. Nice ones Harvey... Jim wakes him up. "Hey. Ivy Pepper just attacked your bar." Jim said. Harvey wants to know about his young bartender. Jim shakes his head. "Oh no." Harvey said. Then Ivy appears on the tv. She prattles on about the environment. How people are killing the plants. She seems a little angry about this? Why Ivy? She then tells everyone that she is coming after the people who hurt her. Again Ivy Why?? Jim and Harvey watch the tape again, they pick up where she is. "I will come and help ya finish this." Harvey said. "I will give you a badge then." Jim said. "Oh make no mistake I will not work for you. But I will finish this." Harvey said. He looks around the room. "As soon as I get me pants on." he said. Why Harvey they are cute undershorts..... Ha ha ha ha...

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