A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

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As Selina, and Jade awaken from the toxin, she has given them

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As Selina, and Jade awaken from the toxin, she has given them. She stands watching. She smiles when they are fully awake. "Let's make Gotham our Bitch!" She said to them with a smile. "I'm in." Jade said laughing. "In to what?" Harley asked coming in through the window. "Harley's in, Jade's in, guess I am too." Selina said laughing too. "Into what?:" Harley asked again. What are you lot up to??? The girls strut their stuff down the street. "Here." Ivy said smiling. As the woman opens the door, Ivy runs her wrist in the woman's face. "Hello you are so beautiful." She said to Ivy. "She hypnotized her?" Selina said. "So cool huh?" Harley said giggling. "What's your name?" Ivy asked. "Cindy." The woman replied smiling. Ivy pushes the woman aside. She enters the house and runs her hand in front of the two children at the table then goes to the Dad. "she's beautiful Dad." The boy said. "Yes son she is a charming young lady." The man said looking into Ivy's eyes. "So how long will that last?" Jade asked. "Until it wears off." Ivy said. "So cool." Jade said. Selina and Harley with Jade go into the house. Selina takes some jewelry, Jade stole a Star Wars Obi Wan figurine. While Harley took some shiny nick knacks from the shelf. "We know your name don't we. Roland Charles PhD." Ivy said. "You the torturer of my babies." she continued. "Did you ever think about how the plants feel?" Ivy asked. Ivy grabs his briefcase. She then scratches him with her nail. "What did you do?" Selina asked in shock as she looked at the woman and the kids at the table. "Come now." Jade said grabbing Selina. Harley took Ivy's hand. "Sorry." Harley said as she led Ivy out of the room. No one moved, no one spoke, they were under the spell of Poison Ivy!!!

Back at the house Selina was mad, she walked up and down. "You just killed a man in front of his family!" Selina said. "He deserved it." Ivy said looking through the papers she found in the bag. "No one deserves to die like that Ivy." Jade said. Harley then began to giggle. "Let's blow Jade." Selina said. "Coming Sena." Jade said following her. Oh girls what have ya done?? "Where you going Harley?" Ivy asked. "To see Mr J. You?" Harley asked. "I'm off to see Bruce Wayne." Ivy said with a smile. Watch out Brucey Boy, Ivy is coming for ya.....

Gordon is being harassed by some random in the holding cells. Name is Chaz Carmichael. Don't think Jim knows ya or cares buddy. "My boss told me to talk to you if I got nabbed." He said. "Who's your boss?" Jim asked. "Sofia Falcone." He said. What not happy Jim?? He then goes into the M.E. room. What still no Lee? But Foxy is in there. Oh that voice, so sexy!! Tells Jim about victim form that morning. He is with Biotech at Wayne Enterprises. He then tells Jim what happened. Four women came in, Tall red head, very sexy. Dressed in green. Smaller brunette with black leather, and a whip. Two smaller blonds, one with a ponytail and leathers. Dress like a sexy teenager. "One dressed in hot pants, and white t shirt. With red and blue tips in her pigtails. Had a baseball bat. "Selina, Jade and Harley? But who is the redhead?" Jim asked. Well dah Jim? Poison Ivy! "Well the family said the Redhead was the gang leader, she alone killed the man, and hypnotized them." Foxy said. As soon as Jim is out of the room, Lusis calls Bruce to leave a message.

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