A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight

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"We wait, we do nothing before I speak to Mr Cobblepot

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"We wait, we do nothing before I speak to Mr Cobblepot." Mr Penn said. He was walking up and down in the club. He seems a little stressed, don't know why that would be do you? Ha ha ha ha... Tabatha, Barbara, Selina, Jade, and of course Samantha enter the club. They take out the men Mr Penn was talking to. But not Samantha, she just went to the bar and got herself a drink. "Where is Penguin Little man?" Sofia asked. "Ya know Mr Penn, ya boss THE Penguin." Jade said giggling. Sofia glared over at Jade. Making a lasting impression huh Jade!!!

"You might want to check the Black Market Dr on the Doc's." Rachel said int the phone. She was dressed as Bat girl again. "Who are you?" Jim asked. "A helping hand." Rachel said hanging up the public phone. Jim goes to the spot Rachel said. He finds the doctor on the bed, he is pointing to the wall of the empty pool he used to work in. 'Toodles Gotham it was a gas, your pal Piggie.' it of course was written in blood. Nice one Pyg..

Tabatha is out the back torturing poor old Mr Penn. Samantha is drinking behind the bar. Barbara is talking to Sofia about what happens next. "There is still a lot I can do. I am after all still a Falcone." Sofia said. "We know you have told us a thousand times." Barbara said. Selina and Jade look at each other they roll their eyes. Mr Penn screams again. Samantha slams down her glass. "That's it. I am out of here." Samantha said. "Why?" Jade asked in shock. 'It's what we do darling." Barbara said. "You, not me. Sorry Jade, Selina."Samantha said. "Say hi to Tony for me." Jade said as Samantha left. "Don't be late home." Barbara called. Or what Barbra?? "He knows nothing." Tabatha said coming into the room. "Damn." Selina said.

Jim at GCPD. "Pyg got away." Jim said. The cops want to arrest Penguin. For the blow up under the bridge. "You look for Penguin. I will take care of Sofia Falcone." Jim said. We bet you will Jim...

Sofia has brought Barbara, Tabatha, Selina and Jade to the Falcone mansion. "Hey why are we at your Dad's place?" Jade asked. "Why do you think?" Sofia replied. Barbara gasped, Selina sighed, Jade giggled. "Hi Mr Falcone, ya look real good." Jade said. "Thank you Miss Quinzel, Hello Miss Kean, Miss Kyle., Miss Galavan. Sofia my dear, you look tired." Falcone said. "Why have you brought us here?" Sofia asked. "What did I tell you before you came here to Gotham?" He asked her. "I was not ready. But we can do this together." Sofia said. Falcone slaps Sofia. Oh shit he is mad aint he??? "I want to know how sleeping with Jim Gordon. The man who killed your own brother, is helping us." Falcone said. Barbara gasped, her eyes narrowed. "Don't think she knew that one Mr Falcone." Jade said. "Neither did I." Selina said. Sorry girls we did.. "You see you have brought Shame to this family! You have no honor." Falcone said to Sofia. "Children, they can be such a disappointment sometimes." Penguin said said as his med took Tabatha, Selina and Jade hostage. "What? What did Selina and I do?" Jade asked. Sofia holds her gun to Penguin, Falcone slaps her again. "If you were not my daughter, you would be dead already!" Falcone said. "Hey ya know ya can let me go. I don't have sharp claws like Cat does." Jade said smiling at her captor. "Why?" Selina asked. "Just trying to help." Jade said giggling. Penguin is watching on with one huge grin on his face. We like him....

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