A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie

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Looks like some random is feeding the street people

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Looks like some random is feeding the street people. No sorry he is in disguise, It's the Swine Man. Pyg! He is handing out donuts, inviting street trash to dinner.. Who is this man? "What no one wants Pumpkin pie?" He asked them. I know Mr J don't like pumpkin pie. He takes a picture of them before they eat. He is an odd one aint he?? He then goes to the end of the table picks up a glass of water. "A toast." He said. "Here's to giving the have's, a taste of what it is to be a have not.." Pyg said laughing as the people at the dinner table start to fall into their food. Wicked! Pyg now has them on what looks like a slab. What is he up to??

"I like your new office Daddy." Rachel said smiling up at Jim. "Thanks Rachel." Jim replied not really noticing her. "Hello Mr Bullock." She said to Harvey. "Hey Rachel. Come to see Daddy's new office?" Harvey asked. "Well it is kinda cool." Rachel said smiling. "Yeah that it is. I will be out of ya way soon." Harvey said packing his things into the box. "Take your time Harvey." Jim replied. "Daddy said you were going on a holiday. I hope you have a good time Mr Bullock." Rachel said smiling at him. "I will have your job waiting for you Harvey." Jim said. Jim looking a bit like Astro Boy today. "You know Gotham don't need a hero Jim." Harvey said. "Don't they have one?" Rachel asked. "What the young boy running around town pretending to stop crime?" Jim asked. "That's the one." Rachel said with a little giggle. "Your Daddy here wants to take him down too. He is the only hero Gotham Needs. Didn't ya know." Harvey said. "Harvey?" Jim said. "Sorry Rachel. Say hello to Barbara for me, oh and Samantha." Harvey said glaring at Jim as he left the office. What is ya problem Harvey?? Don't want Jim to be the hero?? Ha ha ha...

Oswald is talking to Sofia, he is not a happy camper. She asked him if he is coming to the big fundraiser tonight. Penguin said he doesn't know. Someone has betrayed him. Jim Gordon is now Captain. And he can not talk to the Mayor. He seems to have left town. Sofia said she can not help him, she hopes to see him tonight. Watch out Sofia, Pengie is on to you...

Sofia calls Jim. "Penguin suspects." She said. "I don't care." Jim said hanging up on her. "Who was that Daddy?" Rachel asked. "No one." Jim replied. "Gordon, a private call for you." Harper said. "Look Sofia.... Oh..." Jim said. Rachel smiled before leaving the office. Pyg is on the phone to Jim. He is telling him about the rot in Gotham. He is going to get rid of it all. Police were the low, now he is going to cut it out of the high. Odd man... "Daddy!" Rachel screamed at him. Jim runs outside. There is a orange carnival tent. Inside two people are dining , they are dressed nice too. "So cool Mr J." Harley said as she stood with him watching the scene. There are two pigs in the pen too. As Joker smiled he took a bite of his breakfast wrap. "Oh Look Mr J, it looks like the pig's is eating the man." Harley said giggling. "Yes so it seems Harley. Did you enjoy your bacon for breakfast?" J asked her. "Yes crispy just how I like it." Harley giggled. Rachel went to the side of the tent and chucked up. Poor girl...

Bruce has arrived home, he looks like shit! "Where breakfast?" He asked Alfred with attitude. "It was cooked, and eaten at breakfast time. Now it is closer to luncheon." Alfred said. "Coffee?" Bruce asked. "OK Alfred it looks like it's just you and me today. His majesty is not..... Oh good afternoon Bruce. Nice of you to join us." Tony said. Bruce glared at Tony. "So Bruce did it take the nightmare away?" Tony asked. "What do you care?" Bruce asked. "Enough, do you remember what today is Master Bruce?" Alfred asked. "Yes it is anniversary day." Bruce said. "Then let's get started then." Tony said. "I'll pass thanks." Bruce said. "What you are man enough to party all night long. Even to kill a boy, then the man who goaded you into it. But you are not man enough to pay respect to you own father?" Tony asked. "Fine i will go!" Bruce said. Wow who is this Bruce?? What have ya done with the other one??

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