A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head

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Bruce, Tony and Alfred are at the Museum

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Bruce, Tony and Alfred are at the Museum. A Dr Winthrop is inspecting the knife. "What did you want me to do with this?" He asked Bruce. "Give me any information I can get on it." Bruce replied. "Leave it with me overnight." Winthrop said. "Hi how goes it Grandpa?" young boy said. "My grandson, Alex. Meet the two Mr Wayne's and Mr Pennyworth." Winthrop said. "Hello." ALex said. "Master Bruce, can I have a word please?" Alfred drawing Bruce away from the group. "Alfred likes to take his job seriously." Tony said with a grin. "Master Bruce, it is fine to involve the old geezer, but the young boy?" Alfred asked. "I have to now Alfred." Bruce said. Why Brucey boy, why? "Yes." Bruce said. "So you will leave it overnight then?" Tony asked. "Yes." Bruce said. "There you go Alex, you will get a chance to look it over." Tony said smiling. "Oh are you interested Alex?" Bruce asked. "Yeah I want to be just like Grandpa." Alex said his eyes shining. "Well we will catch you up again tomorrow." Bruce said. I et you will Brucey Boy...

Ed is sitting in a room full of pic of Penguin. I think he has got it bad. He is working on the perfect riddle. Ya think ya can still do it Ed??

Alex and his Grandpa are working on the knife's inscription. "He who rises from the waters, whom death shall not touch. With this sacred blade,it's final salvage destiny. Shall be fulfilled. The earth will quake, Blood will flow. All will tremble before he The Demons Head." Winthrop said to his grandson. What the demons head? What Ra's? Aint he from Green Arrow?? Now there is one sexy man........................

Sorry back to Gotham. "What is that all about?" Alex asked. "Not what, but who." Winthrop said. We know Ra's al Ghoul! "This knife is much more complex and dangerous than Mr Wayne realizes." Winthrop said. But watch out Winthrop I think someone is watching ya... Oh no it's Ra's!! Run Alex run!! He of course has the knife and he is off with it. Winthrop is talking with Ra's. Oh shit he found the boys hat. Now he has gone and done it. Winthrop is dead!! Poor Alex....

"Where's Harvey?" Jim asked next morning at the crime scene. "A few days away." Harper said. "So what happened?" Jim asked. "Broken neck. But look at the last entry in his logbook." Harper said. "Bruce, and Tony Wayne." Jim said. "Let us in!" Bruce demanded of the police. "What happened Detective?" Tony asked looking at Winthrop. "You two were the last to see Dr Winthrop. What were you seeing him about Bruce?" Jim asked. "You had better tell him Bruce." Tony said. He could see Bruce was about to lie. "I bought an old knife at auction a few nights ago." Bruce said. "Penguin's auction." Tony said. "Yes." Jim said. "Well I was just wondering what I had brought." Bruce said. "You know Barbara Kean wanted the knife too Detective." Tony said. "Barbara?" Jim asked. Yep Jimbo she is still alive!!

"Glad you could make it." Barbara said to Ra's. "Ah my guests have arrived." He said. "Yes they are making my friends a little uneasy." Barbra said. "I aint uneasy. I think he is so cool. But I don't think Rachel is feeling the same." Jade said giggling. She of course was looking at the man who was being a dog!! "You are one crazy girl." Ra's said walking over to his friends. Rachel was standing behind Barbara holding on to her waist. "What is Dog-Boy going to find the knife is he?" Barbara asked with a smile. "Can I help?" Jade asked. Ra's held the hat in front of the Dog-Boy's face. He looks so cool. He even has a collar and chain. With a keeper. "He's creepy Mummy." Rachel said. "I know love, he will be gone soon." Barbara said. "His name is Anubis. Find the knife. The boy is yours." He said to the dog. He is one sick man aint he. He is just so much fun though.

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