A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks

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Gruesome place this. Dead ones everywhere. Man on a horse riding through the dead ones. Finds who we know as Ra's al Ghul. Shit he is that old. Off to the Lazarus pit for him. Whoever he was, he is now Ra's al Ghul!!! How cool!!

Bruce and Tony are still playing on the rooftops. "You were right Alfred, Penguin is bringing in a new shipment." Bruce said into his intercoms. "Hey look." Tony said. He had spotted the intruder. "A thief. I am going down to take a closer look." Bruce said. "I'm with B." Tony called to Alfred. "Master Bruce? .... Master Bruce? ..... Damn." Alfred said. Meanwhile Bruce and Tony are down on the doc's looking through the back of the truck at the thief? Selina, Jade is they you guys? Yes is it them, they are all decked out like the boys, in black with masks over their faces. What have you lot, been talking?? Maybe not. Tony and Bruce take a beating. The man drives away in the truck. The girls miss out, but get away. Bugger girls..

Jim is on a road trip. I think he is off to see Falcone? Yep it is him. He must have a sexy young girlfriend, she has been out riding. Nice place ya have there Falcone. I guess Crime does pay? "Hello Carmine." Jim said sitting down. "Your a long way from home." Falcone said. Jim don't get a chance to talk. "Hello Daddy." The sexy girl said. Daddy? Falcone has other girls?? "My only daughter Sofia. James Gordon." He said introducing them. Sofia sits. "Hello James, what brings you here?" Sofia asked. "Penguin." Jim said. Really Jim? Can ya get straight to the point or what? "I can't help you James, I am dying. It is old age, or Kama. Or both." Falcone said. Bugger Jim ya lucked out again!! Ha ha ha... Ya know ya should go see Joker...

Alfred is stitching up Bruce's hand. I guess he got hurt in the fight last night. "That is going to leave an impressive scar to show Selina." Tony said. "I think not." Bruce said. Tony laughed. "Where are you off to now?" Alfred asked Bruce. "Back to the doc's. There will be a record of the shipment. I need to go see if I can find it." Bruce said. "OK wait we are coming too." Tony said. "Are we?" Alfred asked. "Are we?" Tony asked again. "Only if you two don't wear those silly masks through the day." Alfred said. "Yes we will look rather odd." Bruce said. "Not to mention them being huge target." Tony said. "A target for what?" Bruce asked. "For being a fool!" Tony replied. "We could just be part of Jokers lot." Bruce said. "I could, you? Never." Tony said laughing..... Not even you Tony. Ha ha ha... You aint crazy enough .... Yet!

Barbara blows a man halfway across the room, with her latest weapon. "So cool." Jade breathes. "I'll take two dozen." The man said. "This way gentlemen." Jade said leading them into the front room of the shop. As they leave Selina arrives. "When is Tabatha coming to work. She is getting half the profit." Barbara said. "Half, don't ya mean a third?" Selina asked. "Where's my create?" Barbara asked. "With Penguin I think." Jade said returning. "Then it is half to Tabatha." Barbara said leaving the girls. "Come on Selina, let's go see Harley." Jade said wanting to lift her spirits.

Penguin is at the club with Victor. He has just told Penguin someone tried to steal from him last night. They are off to the doc's to see about his shipment. Hey guys where is Ivy? Does anyone care where she is? Because we do...

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