Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling

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The city is in total chaos

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The city is in total chaos. There are people robbing banks, stealing, killing. It is now a city out of control. They have even set fire to the train! The GCPD are having trouble keeping everyone under control. Jim is in the locker room. He is hearing voices. I wonder if they are like the ones Ed hears?? Maybe not. "Killer, Killer, you are a Killer, Killer." They chant in his head. Yarp much the same! Ha ha ha. Harvey takes his gun! Bugger Jim. "Where's Bruce?" Jim asked.

Brucey Boy is in the interview room. He is all alone. Alfred is watching with Tony. "Detective Gordon." Alfred said. "Alfred, Tony. Has he said anything?" Jim asked. "Nope, not a peep." Tony said. "So what happened?" Jim asked. "The Master brainwashed him. He thinks he has a higher purpose now. He thinks he will be Gotham's savior." Tony said. "The Master is the one you shot is that right?" Jim asked Alfred. "Yes. Do it again if I had to." Alfred said. He is like a little bulldog aint he. Very protective.

Harvey and Jim have left Alfred to deal with Bruce and Tony at the moment. They are on the hunt for Strange. Foxy thinks he may be able to make an antidote. On ya Foxy. So Jim and Harvey headed off to the uptown train station.

Strange has his ticket out of town. He runs into a big man. "Excuse me." Strange said. "Oh no." He said as the man moved aside. "Fish?" He said. "Don't you mean hello Fish?" She said to him smiling. "Now can we have some fun?" Harley asked giggling. "Yes my love we can. Come Professor join us." Fish said. "Like I have a choice." Strange said as he walked along with Joker at his side. "Women, what can I say. Can't live with em, or without em." Joker said laughing. "Oh really? Where did you find this one Fish, in the joke shop?" Strange asked. Joker laughed again. "I will give ya that, but only because Fish needs ya." Joker said getting into his face. Fish smiled as she followed them in her fluffy coat. She looks amazing for a dead woman!

Nygma is at the club, looking down over Gotham. He is prattling on about Nero fiddling. "You know I do like their style." Ed said to Barbara. "Yes with the city totally out of control we can now make our stand." Barbara said. "I told you I have no interest in ruling Gotham. I want Oswald dead." Ed said. "Ya know ya talk an awful lot about a man ya don't like." Barbara said. "I do not care about Oswald, unless it is to kill him." Ed said. "Do you think you could take that big brain of yours and help me get control of Gotham. Then I can help you kill Oswald." Barbara said. Ed smiled. When are you two going to get together. I think that would be funny!!

"But I thought we were friends?" Fish said to Strange. "Well when the Court of Owls calls one dose not refuse." Strange said. "Yes." Fish said. "What is this virus they are talking about?" Fish asked him. "It releases your darkest urges." Strange said. It sure dose Fish, just take a look at Jim.. "Well you are going to make me the Army of Freaks you promised me." Fish said to him. I think she means business Strange, what do you think??

Harvey and Jim are at the station. Lee Phones Jim. She taunts him, asks what the voices are saying? Tells him she loves him, did he still love her? Of course he does!  If so she will be waiting for him.. You are so naughty now Lee. I like it..

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