Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle

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Harley, Ivy, Joker, and Penguin, ploughed through the snow

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Harley, Ivy, Joker, and Penguin, ploughed through the snow. They found the cabin they were looking for. Entering the girls their hands together. "Sure is cold in here." Ivy said. "Almost as cold as outside." Harley said the girls giggled together. "Looks like he is not home." Penguin said. "Could be that he just don't like ya." Joker said laughing. "I am sure he knows I did not mean what I said while I was the Mayor." Penguin said gulping. Joker laughed again. "Who are you and what do you want?" A deep voice said looking at the girls. "Ah don't look at that one. Or he will kill you." Penguin said. Harley giggled. Mr Fries eyes went to Joker. "Joker, and Harley Quinn. At your service." Joker said bowing down low with Harley by his side. "Hello." She said giggling. Fries had no shirt on, Ivy checked him out then looked at Harley and giggled. "You. You chased me out of town." Fries said. "Ah yes, but I am building an army of freaks. I need you." Penguin said. "Even if I wanted to help you. I can only survive a few hours without my suit." He said. "Harley, Ivy." Joker barked. "Here ya go Mr Freeze." Harley said giggling as her and Ivy opened the case with his suit inside. "Courtesy of Wayne Enterprises." Joker said laughing. "Well then I guess I am in." He said eyeing Penguin, who was now excited. Joker just laughed.

Jim has the hood removed from his head. Kathryn is sitting waiting. I think she has been sucking on a lemon. She don't ever look happy. They talk about Uncle Frank, they discuss things in Gotham. "You see it is the Court and only the Court that can save Gotham. Do you understand James?" Kathryn asked. "Yes." Jim said. Fool Jim, they aint going to play nice ya know. Kathryn then tells Jim she will call him when she is ready. Bitch!

Barbara has come to see Ed. "Hello Ed, my friend, where are you?" Barbara calls. "I will allow you to call me that because we are old friends. But my name is The Riddler." Ed said with a grin. "So I see." Barbara said holding up the paper. "So why are you here?" Ed asked. Barbara tells him about Jim, how he asked her to investigate the doc's at 9C. How a masked hit-man took out her men and the doc master. "Jim hinted that there was a higher power in Gotham." Barbara said. "So?" Ed asked. "I didn't claw my way to the top to be second best. I need to know who they are." Barbara said. "How do I fit into this?" Ed asked again. "It is a riddle Ed, I want you to solve it." Barbara said. "While I was at Arkum, Strange did mention that there is a higher force in Gotham. So I will solve the Riddle!" Ed said. Barbara and you should get together. You are both so dramatic! I like it!

That night was opening night at the theater. They were doing Hamlet. The lead is on the stage doing his thing. He calls to his ghost. Sorry pal he is dead! Riddler enters in his new green suit. One with black question marks all over it. Ed teases the audience, he tells them he is going to torture and kill one of them. He then kills the lead man. "I find you performance to be wooden, and Understated!" Ed said. Unlike you hay Ed? I like it.

Alfred is playing chess with 5. 6 is sitting watching. "Checkmate." Alfred said. "Ah you got me." 5 said. "You let me win didn't you?" Alfred said. "Ah no." 5 said. "Look I know you two have been through a lot. You both seem to be a little off lately." Alfred said. 5 & 6 look at each other. "I think I know what it is all about. I just want you to know that I am here if you need to talk." Alfred said. "Yes, I am a little off because Jade does not want to see me any more." Tony said. "Same with Selina." 5 said. "Well I am sure Miss Kyle, and Miss Quinzel are missing out. But time will heal, I am sure of it." Alfred said. No one spoke. "Well I had better check on dinner." Alfred said going to leave the room. "Alfred." 5 said. "Yes?" Alfred said turning. "Thank you for being a good friend." 5 said. "Well yes thank you Sir." Alfred said smiling at the boys. When he left the room, 6 went to 5. "Call it in you are bleeding." 6 said.

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