Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

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Chaos reigns at the GCPD

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Chaos reigns at the GCPD. Jerome's crazies are everywhere in the darkness. There is fire bombs coming in through the windows. "Where is Jerome?" Jim asks one of them as he holds him down. "Jerome is everywhere. Tonight is the awakening!" They all chant. Oh my what a mess.

Penguin is in the abandoned building. "Ed?" he calls. "Edward?" He calls again. Ed appears as if out of nowhere. Penguin rushes to him, he hugs him tight. "Oh Ed you are safe. Did they hurt you?" Penguin asked concerned. Pengie did ya see the look on Ed's face. He aint playing a game with ya Pengie. He wants blood! "How dare they try to hurt you. Tell me who they are?" Penguin asked him. Ed shoots Penguins two men. "What?" Penguin asked in confusion. Ed holds a gun to Penguin. We tried to warn ya Pengie. Ed takes Pengie over to Isabella's car. Do you recognize this?" Ed asked. "No." Penguin replied. "I know it was you Oswald." Ed said. Oh Pengie what are ya going to do now??

Kathryn is up in a high place watching out over Gotham. "Chaos has arrived early." She said to a man. Nice looking man too. "Yes, let's let the GCPD do its job first." He said. What? "You do have a lot of faith in him don't you?" She asked. Faith in who? Not the GCPD I bet!

"There has been riots and reports of looting up town." The officer reported to Harvey. "What does he want?" Jim asked. "I don't know? Maybe a puppy?" Harvey said being smart. "You didn't talk to him, but Lee did." Jim said rushing off. Yeah we know any excuse to talk to Lee.

Ed is now strapping Penguin to Isabella's car. Why Ed? Ed then tells him how he fooled him with an actor. How he made Penguin believe it was his dead Father. "Oswald, Ghosts aren't real!" Ed said. "It's OK Ed I forgive you." Penguin said. Yeah now ya do when ya life is hanging in the balance. Well I suppose that is why you are tied to the car? Ed continues to tie up Penguin. "Alright I confess. I killed Isabella." Penguin said. "Isabella,"Ed said. "I did it for you. You said you loved her. But I know you will have killed her. Just like you did the other one." Penguin said to him. "Well we will never know now." Ed said. "I did it for Love." Penguin said. Ed slaps penguin. "Shut up. You don't know how to love." Ed said. He then shows Penguin how it all works. When the block of ice thaws, it lets the chain out. That in turn makes the pot of acid hanging over the car drop right on him. Oh I do like that Ed. You are a naughty boy. "I will change. I love you Edward." Penguin yells as Ed smiles. "Goodbye Oswald." He said leaving a screaming Penguin tied to a car. Funny I love Gotham!

Jim in to see Lee. "What do you want?" She asked him. You baby. No he wants to know what Jerome wants. "Bruce!" She said. Wow smart or what? She calls The Wayne house.

Alfred, Bruce and Tony are lighting candles The phone rings. No one answers it. Out of nowhere someone hits Alfred. Jerome enters. He always did like to make an entrance. "Hello Bruce, and the younger twin. Tony." Jerome said smiling at them. "What happened to your face?" Tony asked. "It's new do ya like it?" Jerome asked. "Kinda cool." Tony said thinking of what Jade would say. "Well I am glad you like it. You Bruce?" Jerome asked. "What do you want?" Bruce asked. "Always straight to the point your brother. Not like the younger twin." Jerome said laughing. Jackson walks in with Harleen on his arm. He is wearing a white suit with purple trim. Harleen is in a red and black figure hugging suit. She has on a jester hat in red and black too. The bells tinkle when she shakes her head. So cool Harleen. "Jackson?" Bruce said to him. "Yes I know you told me never to come back. But you know how it is. A friend said he was visiting. So I thought I would come too. I see you have not changed the place at all. Still Dull. Just like you." Jackson said laughing. "Mr Napier you don't have to do this." Alfred said. "We know Butler Man. We want to." Harleen said giggling. Tony watched them for a sign. He got one, or so he thought. "Well what is Jerome doing here then?" Tony asked. "Oh I am going to kill you both." Jerome said. "But now here. Too boring. I know of a place." Jackson said laughing. "Ah yes. The memory has not improved. You know being dead is so boring. But being back here with my new friend Jack... No I will call you Jester, .... No.... Joker like on the playing cards." Jerome said laughing again. "I like it." Jackson said laughing with Harleen. "Where are we going?" Tony asked. "Ah no no no, you are not going to get away with that. Joker here is going to kill the old butler, while the two of you can come for a drive. Oh and don't look at the girl. Joker will kill ya if you do. A little possessive of his toys I think." Jerome said throwing the crystal owl at Alfred. It missed him and smashed down on to the huge desk. "Oh Bugger!" Alfred said. "I will see you again." Bruce said to Alfred just before Harley with her gun led him out of the room, laughing. With the room empty Jackson stands looking at Alfred. "Well come on then do it Mr Napier. Or is it the Joker. I think you are a real Joke!" Alfred said trying to piss him off. Jackson smiled. He took aim at Alfred, then fired above his head. He then held him finger to his mouth. He wrote down Circus. Oh and Bruce is my toy too. Before leaving.

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