Mad City: Ghosts

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Nice rainy day for Super Mario's funeral

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Nice rainy day for Super Mario's funeral. Jim is watching from afar. "Jim what are you doing?" Harvey asked. "I don't know." Jim replied. "Come if Falcone sees you, you will have a target on ya head." Harvey said herding Jim out of the cemetery.

Penguin is in a fluff, Ed is not there. He is calling him. "Hello it's Ed, leave a message or don't." Ed voice said. "Ed where are you?" Penguin asked. "Mr Mayor the figures are in. The press are waiting." The young girl said to him. Penguin thinking it is going to be bad, squares his shoulders and heads into the room. "Here is the man of the hour!" They yell at him. He is a real success. We knew ya would be Oswald! We voted for ya. Tarquin Penguins deputy has an appointment set up with Margret Hurst. She is some big wig in television. She tells him she will give him air time on Friday. Here at his offices. Penguin is walking on air. He is just so happy! On ya Pengie!

Jim at home. Place looking good Jim. He hears something. He finds Zsasz at his fridge drinking milk. You have food in there Jim? "Hi just thought I would let you know I will be coming for you Jim." Victor said. "You can try." Jim said. "I don't try Jim. I do. If he wants you dead, you will be dead. Oh by the way, nice shot on Mario. I never liked him." Victor said leaving jim to his thoughts. Shit Jim ya upset the wrong one now.

Selina and Jade are in their new hideout. They are sitting looking at their mothers. It's like a standoff. "Why the raggy clothes?" Mary asked. "Cause we like em." Jade replied. "No need to be rude Jade." Sharon said. "What rude to Aunty Mary? I don't know her, or you." Jade said. "It has been 11 years Mum." Selina said. "You know the orphanage I/we left you at?" Mary asked. "No I think that was all you Aunty Mary." Jade said. "It was the same one I was left at. I grew up there on the streets too." Mary said. "So that gives you the right to give up your kids then does it?" Jade asked. "It was not like that Jade. Don't judge us." Sharon said. "Why did you do it?" Selina asked out of the blue. "I was confused, Aunty Sharon was depressed." Mary said. "11 Years Mum. You could have at least let Maggie and Delia know." Selina said. "We did. I asked Grandma if she would take you three as well. She refused." Sharon said. "I know they were lying!" Jade said. "Who?" Sharon asked. "Barry, Delia, and Maggie have just been to see us." Jade said. "Oh." Mary said. "We were your daughters!" Selina said. "I know we made a bad choice, but we had no other choice." Sharon said. "Are you going out with that boy?" Sharon asked. "What boy Aunty Mary?" Jade asked. "The Wayne boy." Mary said. "That aint none of your business. Did you want to see Harleen?" Jade asked. "Who?" Sharon asked. "I think you should go now." Selina said. "But I thought we could catch up on things." Mary asked. "You heard Sena. Get out. Both of you." Jade said. The women left quietly. What kind of Mother don't remember her baby? Now I know why Harleen don't want to know her.

Harvey and Jim are in with Mr Fox. They are talking about a girl. Madeline Blake. "She died of heart failure." Fox said. "She was stabbed too?" Jim asked checking out the body. "Yes three days ago by her boyfriend. Two days ago she was found wandering on the railroad tracks." Mr Fox said. "Doesn't anyone stay dead in this town?" Harvey asked. I think not Harvey. Maybe that is why they called this one ghosts! Ha ha ha.

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