Mad City: Time Bomb

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Lee looking very nice tonight

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Lee looking very nice tonight. She is in the restaurant with Mario and Falcone. The wedding is in two days. They are talking about a detector for Alice Tetch's blood. I hope it works Lee. Outside the younger man gets the car for them. He is blown up. Oh shit! Guess who's come to the scene of the crime? You guessed it right Jim. Falcone and Jim talk. Jim wants to know who would do this to him. Falcone said he has lots of enemies! Well Jim where ya going to go now?

Penguin is having a meeting. It is with his five family boss members. "With the boss of the GCPD out of action. Gotham will want us to keep them safe. What do you say to a 50% raise in fees?" Penguin said. "I see you are having a meeting. Did my invitation get lost?" Barbara asked. "This is for the grown ups." Penguin said. Barbara pulls a gun on Penguin. "Tabatha and Butch are missing. Do you know where they are?" Barbara asked. I bet he does Barbara? "I am not sure. I have not seen Butch since the red hood reenactment.." Penguin said. "Where is that wiz kid Nygma?" Barbara asked. "Out at the moment. Now if you want to live,you should beg for my forgiveness." Penguin said as his men pulls guns on Barbara. A stand off how cool. Olga then enters the room with refreshments. She says something in Russian. Barbara smiles. "My apologies. I am still a little upset about Tabatha being with Butch." Barbara said. "Well woman next time you pull a gun on me, Olga will be cleaning your blood off the carpet." Penguin said glaring at Barbara. "We have history or you would be gone now." Penguin leaned in to whisper to her. I bet you do Pengie I bet you do.... After Barbara leaves Penguin orders everyone out. He then rings Ed. "She's looking for them." Penguin said. "You told me I could grieve my way." Ed replied. "Well can you speed it up a little. I am swamped here." Penguin said slamming down the phone. Wow I would hate to be loved by Penguin. He don't give ya no slack at all. Ed then turns to Tabatha and Butch. "Sorry you had to hear that." Ed said. They are sitting in chairs they are bound and gagged! Ed what are you up to?? "You Butch are a coward. Killing an innocent woman like that? "Penguin is the only coward around here. If he wanted to kill me he should have done it himself." Butch said. Ed prattles on about Isabella dying. Butch said he don't know the woman. But Ed has other ideas he has it in his mind that Butch did it. So he shocks Butch. Poor old Butch..

Harvey had bad indigestion. He is now acting Captain. He is stressed. Jim asks him about Tuttle. "He shot his cat last week." Harvey said. Poor pussy. Not a good idea for Captain then? But this is Gotham Baby! Luscious arrives with some evidence from the car bombing. Harvey knows only one man who could do that work. Off they go to see "The Fuse" Cool name. Of course Harvey and Jim are too late. He is dead. "Dead, but body is still warm." Harvey said. Nice one Harvey! Jim finds some paperwork. He was packed, and heading out of town. Jim takes the paperwork. "The hit was not for Falcone!" Jim said running from the room. Dah do ya think it might have been for Mario, it was his and Lee's car that blew up! Yep Jim arrives at the hospital just in time to save Super Mario. Nice one Super Jim! HA ha ha ha.

"Here we go people breakfast." Alfred said feeding them is famous Frittata. "What is this?" Jade asked looking at it from different angles. "A crust less quiche." Alfred said. "A crust less what?" Selina asked. "It's eggs. Just eat it." Alfred said. "Hey this is good Sena, you should try it." Jade said. "Mmmmm, Good. Thanks" Harleen said with a smile. Bruce did not speak the whole time. He had his nose in a book. The tension in the room between them was very clear. "Where's Ivy?" Selina asked. "Conservatory." Harleen said. "Well then it has been nice but I have to go now." Selina said. "No you don't." Alfred said. "Why?" Selina asked. "Because the warden over there won't let me out either." Jade complained. "It is for you own good." Alfred said. "Bruce can you please tell the help we are good to go?" Selina asked. "It is for your own good Selina, and Jade." Bruce said. "Why we didn't take anything?" Jade said. "Jade you have been trying to get out for a week now. The doors and windows are all armed. You can not get through. So settle down girls." Tony said. "But we have been taking care of ourselves for years. We can look out for ourselves." Jade said. "Yeah what has changed?" Selina asked. "It seems nothing has." Bruce said. "So what does that mean?" Selina said. "I hear Ivy calling. I will go see her." Harleen said leaving the kitchen. "Yeah I don't think I have checked the laundry door yet." Jade said getting up to go. "Well you know how to clear a room don't you Selina." Bruce said. "I will take some breakfast to Miss Pepper." Alfred said leaving Bruce and Selina alone. "I will take a look at another book I have in the den." Bruce said leaving Selina in the kitchen with the 100 year old key. Do ya think that is a good idea Bruce? Do ya think ya should talk to her Bruce?

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