Mad City: The Executioner

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Jim is at the GCPD

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Jim is at the GCPD. He is talking to Lee. Se of course is still in her dress from the night before. He asks what time she talked with Barnes. She not happy at his thoughts. Jim then talks with Harvey. Tells him what Symon said last night. Now Harvey is not a happy man. He goes off to do some investigating at the crime scene.

Meanwhile Barnes has three people standing on chairs at an abandoned building. He has ropes around their necks. Be babbles on about them being brought to justice. Like ya and all Barnes, but ya do go on. He then kills them. "Sex Trafficking, Drugs, Murder." He said as he kicked the chair out from under them. There dead! Where's Jade? "Tried, found guilty, sentenced." Barnes said. All by him. Naughty Barnes.

Harleen and Ivy giggle. "So what does an antiquities dealer do anyway?" Ivy asked the man. The girls had picked him up at one of the clubs. He thought he had scored, two of them. Ivy in a sexy greed number, red shoes. Harleen in a mini dress tight with sparkles. Her hair up in it's usual pony tails. "I buy and sell things." He said to the girls. Harleen giggled again. "That sounds fascinating Mister." Harleen said giggling again. "What's upstairs?" Ivy asked. Looking around the lush apartment. "The bedroom." He said. Noticing they did not take the bait. "Oh and the vault," he said. Both girls headed for the stairs. He follows them up. Watching their bottoms. "I think we should at least get to know one and other first." He said to them. "We come from Gotham." Ivy said. "Like you we buy and sell stuff." Harleen said giggling. "Well it is fortunate that we meet then." He said. "I also like plants." Ivy said. "Yeah she makes her own perfume, take a smell it smells great." Harleen said as Ivy let him lean into her. He smelled the perfume, his head went fuzzy. "Now open the vault." Ivy said. "Access granted." The computer said. Harleen hit him over the head. She giggled as she stepped over his body to get into the vault. Ivy went straight for the huge green emerald. Harleen for the big red ruby. As they came out of the vault the man was awake. "Sorry must not have hit ya hard enough." Harleen said giggling. "Who are you? Did they send you?" He asked them. He had Ivy by the throat. "Na." Harleen said hitting him with the huge vase. You girls grew up to be super villains, so cool. But where is Jackson?

Penguin and Ed are at the table. Ed is a little on edge. "Waiting for someone?" Penguin asked. "Isabella, she was supposed to have called me by now." Ed said. Just then the phone rings. Ed smiles.  "Well there she is now." Penguin said as Ed answered the phone. "Yes, Edward Nygma, Yes." Ed said. He hangs up the phone. "That was the GCPD, they want to see me. They didn't say why." Ed said. I bet you know don't ya Pengie? They show Ed the body of Isabella. Ed is devastated! Lucky he has Pengie to help huh? "They say she collided with a train. They think she may have fallen asleep at the wheel. You number was the last one on her phone. Ed I am so sorry. Whatever you need just ask." Penguin said. Ed turns and throws himself at Penguin. He is so sad. So are we Ed. But Penguin is a happy man, he is hugging his Edward. Really Pengie?

"Here ya go." Selina said to the cats as she gave them some milk. "You always were a sucker for them cats." Ivy said. Jade who had been laying on the lounge seen Harleen. She knew it was her, even though she had grown. "Harleen! My god I thought we had lost ya!" Jade said jumping up to hug her. "Harleen, Ivy?" Selina asked. "Yep, what ya got to eat?" They asked going to the food cupboard. "Aint it great Selina, they are back!" Jade said hugging Selina. Yes we think it is great too Jade. But where is Jackson?

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