Mad City: Blood Rush

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Man in moving van

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Man in moving van. He seems to have a dead body wrapped in a carpet. Bit smelly don't ya think? Barnes is watching him. He follows him in his car. Finds the man with lots of body parts in the bathtub. "You have the wrong idea." He said to Barnes. "I don't think so." Barnes said. "I didn't kill them. I am just the Cleaner." He said. Barnes now is seeing red. "This one was for the Toad." He said to Barnes. Barnes lets loose on him. Y"You must be punished." He yells at the man. A little over the top don't ya think Barnes?

Mario and Lee are getting ready to go to work. The engagement party is tonight. Mario is not so sure they are doing the right thing. Lee the social climber is. "I have some news while we are talking. Jim Gordon is back at the GCPD." She said to him. "How long have you known?" Mario asked. "A few days. Does it matter?" She asked. "I guess not." Mario said. "Do you trust me?" Lee asked. "Yes." Mario said. "Then we have nothing to worry about then." Lee said. I think ya do watch out Super Mario!

Jim is back at the GCPD. Where as usual chaos rains. "Welcome back partner. We have a job at the warehouse district." Harvey said. "What no welcome back parade?" Jim asked with a grin. Oh my he does have a sense of humor after all.

Ed has cooked Isabella breakfast. He has spent the night. Naughty boy! Ed tells her he will miss her. She is off to a librarian's conference. Is there such a thing? She puts on her glasses. Ed has a melt down. They are the same as Kristen's! Ed runs off to the bathroom. He is having a melt down. "I hope I haven't upset you Ed." Kristen in the mirror said with a smile. Oh my what ya going to do now Ed? I look just like her don't i?" She said to him. "You and Isabella are very different." Ed said. Kristen points out that she is dead, and Isabella is not. "I wonder how long that will last?" Kristen in the mirror asked. "No I will never hurt her." Ed said. Yeah yeah Ed we hear ya. But we hear Kristen too! Ha ha ha.

Harvey and Jim are on the job. They are bonding until they see the mess we know Barnes left! Not nice Barnes.

Barnes is visiting Tetch. He even looks good in his Arkum uniform. "My dear sister. She is inside of you. I can see her." Tetch said smiling and waving at Barnes. "How do I beat it?" Barnes asked. "I see it has you. Anger Rage, all fighting to get out." Tetch said smiling and laughing. "Is there a cure?" Barnes asked. "Why yes." Tetch said. He smiles and laughs. "You give into it and let my sister win." Tetch said. Barnes is getting antsy by now. "Have you heard the voices yet?" Tetch asked. What there are voices too? I like it!

"Hey Rachel how are ya?" Jade asked when she come to the club. "Look Jade a new band have come to perform. I like the lead singer he is hot. Look." Rachel said. Jade smiled and looked over to see Delia and the boy in her picture books. Looking back at her. She sucked in her breath. "Barry?" She whispered. "Aint he the coolest?" Rachel asked. "Come I can introduce ya if ya want?" Rachel said she babbles on about how he had come from New York with his band. "Hey Jade, you look like you have seen a ghost?" Samantha asked as she watched Jade. Then it hit her. "Jade/ Jade come with me." Samantha said. She pulled Jade away from their sight. "You alright, want me to go get Tony? Or Selina?" Samantha said. Jade came back to the present. "No I am fine thanks Sammy. Sena will be here soon." Jade said. The girls sat in silence for a few moments. "Is that the first time you seen them?" Samantha asked. "No Selina and I met Maggie and Delia. They come to our place." Jade said. "So you have talked?" Samantha asked. "No Selina talked to them about us. They didn't get a chance to talk." Jade said. "Well do you want to hear their side?" Samantha asked. "I guess." Jade said. Where was Harleen she thought. She had a right to meet them too. And did she want to hear their side? They left her as a baby. Why would someone do that?

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