Mad City: Red Queen

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Awe aint he sweet, Jim is sitting with Valarie

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Awe aint he sweet, Jim is sitting with Valarie. She tells him she knows he is still in love with Lee. They are over. Poor Jim. Doomed to live alone! Ha ha ha. See Jim ya should have stayed with Barbara!

Tetch, looking good to I might add. He is at the shall we say, ah, the, after hours Medicine Man. Who by the way is supporting the coolest hair do I ever did see on Gotham. "Then there is this, The Red Queen." he said to Tetch. "Gives you a kick, then takes you on the big ride baby!" he finished. Jervic's eyes light up. "I'll take it." he said opening the bottle and blowing a pinch in his face. Oh sorry Hair Do, did ya think he was going to pay? Ha ha ha. "Gotham took my Alice from me. Now I will plunge Gotham city into insanity!" Jervis said laughing.

Edward as she calls him, and Isabella. Are sitting on the steps of her apartment building. They have been there all night. Just sitting and talking. How sweet Ed is in love. Oh no Ed what will Penguin say??? Don't think he is thinking about Penguin right now. Ed plants one on Isabella, we can see she likes it too. You go girl.

Penguin by now is off his tree. He is calling the GCPD. Ed arrives home. "Oh Oswald I have the most wonderful news. I am in love." Ed said as Penguin throws himself at Ed with relief. "I was so scared something happened, ... What?" Penguin asked. "I met a girl, Isabella. She looks just like Kristen." Ed said. Maybe because she is played by the same girl? Oh sorry not supposed to see things like that Ha ha ha.

Tetch is in the Morgue with what is left of The Tweeds. I guess he is after Alice's body. Yep he is he found it. "Now all we have to do is thaw it out and get the last of her blood." Tetch said as he leaned down to kiss her dead body. He is more than mad, he is totally insane people. Totally hot, but insane!

Bruce and Tony are in the kitchen. They are cooking up a storm. "Pot roast?" Bruce asked. "Yep it is Mara's favorite." Tony replied. "But what about Selina?" Bruce asked. "Well you should not have made it a double date. I could have taken Jade out." Tony said. "No, it will be fine. I am cooking Chocolate Mud cake for dessert." Bruce said. "Let me guess Selina's favorite?" Tony asked. Bruce smiled. "I was thinking after dinner, Jade and I could go look at the stars. What do ya say?" Tony asked. "I would like that. I think I need time alone with Selina." Bruce said. "I know ya do brother." Tony said with a laugh. "Well I do hope Miss Quinzel and Miss Kyle appreciate the work you two have put in." Alfred said eyeing them off. "I know they will." Tony said. "I am sure they will." Bruce said. "So what time are they arriving?" Alfred asked. "Around six." Bruce replied. "Well keep at it boys you are doing well." Alfred said leaving them to it.

Barnes and Harvey are working the missing body of Alice. Jim wants in. "Are you coming back to the force?" Barnes barks at him. He is getting nasty lately aint he? "No." Jim said. "Well get out of my crime scene." Barnes yells at him. Harvey backs him up. Well Jim ya did ask for that. Ya can't play both sides at once.

Penguin is getting his suit ready for his big founders dinner. Ed is helping him with his cravat. "I am so sorry I can not be your plus one tonight. I am having Isabella over for dinner. But Samantha Kean seems happy to go with you." Ed said. "Well I am so glad you threw me over to Barbara Kean's daughter for Love." Penguin said being sarcastic. "Yes I am so glad you understand." Ed said. Are you that stupid Ed, he is being sarcastic! "I don't understand how you can fall in love in one night." Penguin said. "But I did. Isn't that wonderful." Ed said leaving Penguin. "No." Penguin said.

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