Mad City: Anything for You

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Penguin is having a parade for his celebration of becoming Mayor

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Penguin is having a parade for his celebration of becoming Mayor. "They look like lovers." Harleen said giggling as they watch Ed sitting in the back of the car with Penguin. "Well maybe they are my love." Jackson said with a smile. They kissed. "Seriously! It is bad enough at home. Here too?" Ivy complained. Hey look good don't they people. They have grown up nicely. Thanks Marve. Penguin and Ed are smiling and waving. Butch is following along behind them. "Hey Uncle Butch don't look so happy today dose he?" Jackson said laughing. "How would you know funny man. You have not stopped locking lips with my sister since you came out of the river." Ivy complained as she walked off with a huff. If she had waited a few moments she would have seen Samantha. As the Parade finished. The crowds left in droves. Ya know I don't think they like him so much, as they want to see the Nutritious Penguin up close. That's why we were here for.

As the weeks go by, Samantha is doing her bit for the community too. She needs to be seen doing the right thing. The Elliott's, want her to prove she is worthy of his name. Personally I think her name is better than his! But Samantha for love put in the hours. She was at the soup kitchen with Oswald when he was there. Helping dish out the food. Even there for the pictures, with him and Ed. Also at the donation of the new school buses for the church. There she was smiling away with Penguin and Ed. Ed not so happy about it, but he knew she was no real threat. Butch on the other hand. Not so much. He was fuming about Ed.

"I still don't see why you have to gallivant around town with him." Tabatha said. She had just looked at the newspaper. The front page was of her, Penguin, and Ed. Butch in the background with a scowl. "If I want to fit into society I have to do some dirty work. You should know that Tabatha." Samantha said. "She got you there babe." Barbara said with a grin. "It's alright Aunty Tabatha, even I had to be nice to him once." Rachel said with a giggle. "Yes but you loved it didn't you?" Tabatha asked with a smile. "You know I really did." Rachel said giggling again. You go Rachel. She is just so cute! "So what are you up to today then?" Barbara asked. "A statue. He has a statue of his Mother. It is going to be unveiled today." Samantha said. All the girls began to laugh!

Penguin Seriously? He is talking to his Mother's statue. He gets funnier all the time. "So have I made you proud Mother?" He asked her. "She is a fine figure of a woman." Ed said coming up behind him. "Oh I hope I am not interrupting." Ed said. "No, I am sorry you never got to meet her. She was the only one there for me. Anything for you my little cobble pot. She would say every night at bed time." Penguin said. "Well the answer is Yes. She would be proud. You have done incredible things Oswald." Ed said. Awe I think Ed is proud too.

That afternoon the Statue of Mother is on the steps. Penguin is prattling on about Mother. Samantha is standing by Ed smiling for the cameras. A huge red van pulls up. Samantha looks at Ed, he is as shocked as she is. A group of men get out. They have guns and red hoods on. "Drop it." They tell Butch. Penguin doesn't know where to go. One of them goes to the back of Mother. They shoot her head off. Penguin is devastated! "Now don't lose your head." he said to them throwing a smoke bomb at them. Samantha has to try and stop laughing. As we ourselves do. Jackson is watching in the crowd. "Not enough Flair." He said to Harleen as they laugh and walk off. Those two are out and about a lot lately aint they?

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