Mad City: New Day Rising

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Alice is scared

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Alice is scared. She is a really pretty girl. She is in the interview room talking to Harvey. "But your brother wants you. He said he loves you." Harvey asked trying to make sense of it all. "No my brother held me prisoner. I escaped found my way here to Gotham. That is where Strange found me. He locked me in Indian hill. I am not a monster." Alice said to him. "But your brother says otherwise. One of you is lying." Harvey said. "Well you will find out soon. He will come for me. This isn't over yet." Alice said. I believe her Harvey. jade said Jervis Tetch is evil.

Jervis has found himself a fun house. Don't tell Jackson ya have that Mr Tetch! He will not be a happy man. He has hypnotized the caretaker. Babbles on about family. Tells him that Alice will love the fun park. Hey so will Jade, Selina, oh and Harleen too! Then he tells the man he is going to rescue her today. Hey Harvey Jervis is coming! Oh nice he kills the man. Not nice Jervis.

News reporter. "Former Mayor Aubrey James , and Former Gangster Oswald Cobblepot. Are running neck a neck in the upcoming election." He said. "I would like to take this time to thank you." Ed was saying. "For the suit. I am just glad it fits." Oswald said. "Well yes, but for getting me out of there. That was the first night I had not listening to the criminally insane crying out in the night." Ed said. "You are welcome." Penguin gushed at him. "I just wanted to say. That Arkum has made us both better people." Ed said smiling. I bet is has, look at you two. Looking very well indeed! But Ed and Butch have to have words. Always someone to spoil ya fun hey boys? Ha ha ha.

Jim, is in Barnes office again. Ya do know ya don't work there no more don't ya Jim? Barnes yelling at them again. He an angry beaver these days. He has ordered the Doc. (Lee) to do bloods on Alice. Wonder what she will find?

Lee getting blood samples from Alice they talking. Alice has had this disorder since Birth. Apparently it brings out the person's true nature. Good to know. Tells Lee Jervis and his thing. Have gone way beyond Hypnotism. He prays on Anger Fear and Regret. So he is definitely insane then?

Jim is on the street. He hears the tick tick of button to cross the street with. Jim is in a trance, he is thinking about killing himself again. As he steps out onto the road he looks at the truck coming. "Hey Mr Jim what ya doing?" Jade said to him as she pushed him out of the way. He looked down at her his face confused. "Thank you Jade." He said walking off. Jade giggles as she 5, 6, and Selina head down the street.

Bruce and Alfred are at home, with Tony. "They found the rolls in the narrows."Tony asked. "Yes, we are lucky there was a car to bring back." Alfred said. "Why do you think they were in the Narrows?" Bruce asked. "A Dah! Selina and Jade." Tony said. "No! Do you think?" Bruce asked. Seriously Bruce? "But they would know it wasn't us. Wouldn't they?" Tony asked a worried look on his face.

Selina, Jade, 5&6 are walking. 6 tries to take Jade's hand. She pulls away and smiles at him. "You still haven't forgiven him." Selina asked. "Ah no." Jade said. She knew it was not Tony. But she wanted to make Selina happy. This Bruce was loving and affectionate, and after last night's dinner. She thought he was real nice. 6 asked about their friends Ivy and Harleen. "My sister." Jade said without a thought. "Yes your sister." Tony said. "Still missing. I even risked a beating from Sonny to go see if they were at the mushroom farm." Selina said. 5 did not know what she was on about. Jade quickly skimmed over it. "OK then here we are." Jade said with a smile. "Is this where you work?" 6 asked. "This is where we steal." Selina said. "Oh Bruce, you are the real trickster  today. Having fun with Selina." Jade said smiling at them she even hugged 6. "Oh yes of course." Bruce said smiling at Jade. "The Bang Bang Room Betting Parlor. Will be full today." Selina said. "You know cause of the election." Jade said smiling. "So you two go around the back. We will see ya soon." Selina said going into the club with Jade. The girls work the room. Set up a fight then get to the back room. But they get caught! Oh shit!!!

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