Mad City: Look Into My Eyes

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At the Sirens club

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At the Sirens club. Barbara has the coolest act Rachel and Samantha have ever seen. They even invited Jade and Selina to come and watch. Jervis Tetch the Hypnotist, has a group of people on the stage clucking like chickens. Or the Magician as Tabatha calls him. "Stop complaining about him, the place is full is it not?" Barbara said. "It surely is, He is one of the best ever. Glad ya booked him Aunty Barbara." Jade said smiling at her. "What are they doing here anyway?" Tabatha asked glaring at them. "I invited them Tabatha." Samantha said. She had grown a lot, she stands up for herself and Rachel these days. "Well then I know they will not seal from our customers then don't we?" Tabatha threw back at Samantha. "Enough, he is looking for a volunteer." Barbara said watching with excitement in her eyes. "She worried about us stealing from their customers. What is he up to do ya think?" Jade said to Samantha. You see Selina was still on a downer about Ivy and Harleen. Jade on the other hand knew they were just fine. She could feel it. But Selina had come along thinking maybe Samantha or Rachel had seen Ivy. But no one had. Tech has his man on the stage balancing on a chair. They crowd clap and cheer. He then leans in to whisper something into his ear. "How did you know?" Samantha asked. "Dah Jade had a feeling." Selina said before leaving. "Sorry she is a little upset. She is missing Ivy more than ya think." Jade said smiling at her. "Can you really make anyone do what you want?" Barbara asked. "Yes, you would be surprised what people want to do." Jervis said to her. His eyes met Jade's his smile fell from his face. He looked back at Barbara and smiled. "I'll see ya around. Look out for that one. He is dangerous." Jade said before leaving. "Thanks Jade. See you around." Samantha said. Well well is Jade right, is Jervis Tetch a dangerous man???

Bruce Tony and Alfred are watching the fake boys eat. "What is your name?" Bruce asked himself. "I am 5. Well 5148, as I was referred to inside." 5 said. "So do you have any brothers or sisters, family?" Alfred asked. "Me I am 6." Tony said between mouthfuls of food. They are hungry boys. "We woke up in a lab about a year ago. We lived there. We seen no one. But we had lots of books to read." 5 said. "So why did you come here?" Alfred asked. "We seen you." 5 said. "You seen us?" Tony asked. "Yes with the girls. I like the one you like. She is real pretty. I like her hair." 6 said. "Well eyes off buddy she is taken." Tony said with a laugh. 6 nodded. "Why were you with the girls?" Bruce asked. "She gave us money. We followed her. Talked to the other ones. Younger ones." 5 said. "Younger ones?" Alfred asked. "One's that looked like your girl. Only younger." 6 said. "Harleen and Ivy?" Tony asked. "That was what they said." 6 said with a smile in between gulps of food. "Well you are both welcome to stay here." Bruce said. "Can we talk in private please." Alfred asked Bruce. "What are you thinking Bruce. We have to call someone." Alfred said. "Yes I don't want to admit it, but we do have to let someone know." Tony said. "Tomorrow." Bruce said walking off. Yes your majesty! He thinks he is King! King of Nothing!! Ha ha ha.

Jim is laying on the bed, watching Valarie dress. "Breakfast, there is a nice dinner down the corner." Jim said. She smiles and declines. He asked her if she wants a shower. She smiles and tells him she will go home thanks. I agree his place is vile. Harvey has a better place. "It's been fun. Thanks." She said to him before leaving. She is a good time girl Jim. Let her go.

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