Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell

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Jim has come to visit Lee

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Jim has come to visit Lee. He has even brought flowers. How nice of him. Would have been nicer if he had of done it when she was in Gotham. He stops and looks through the window. Lee is happy, she is laughing. She is kissing another man! Looks like ya lucked out there Super Jim. Bugger.

Six Months Later

Alarms are going off in the pharmacy. "Hello?" The pharmacy man said. He moves through the pharmacy. With a gun. This is Gotham People! "Hello we're closed." He said. Moving again. "If you leave now, I won't call the cops." he said getting closer. Oh no it is one of the Arkum Monsters. He is tall, strong and has ... fins growing off his back...

Then Super Jim bursts through the window. "Any chance you are going to come quietly?" Jim asked. Not a chance in hell Super Jim! They fight. He gets hit by a train. So funny. On ya Jimbo.

At the GCPD there is a press conference. Barnes is back! I bet Harvey is happy now. "Hello, Valerie Vale from the Gotham Gazette. How come Dr Strange is the only one arrested. Over the Arkum breakout. Is Wayne Enterprises not being held responsible?" She asked. Barnes and Mayor James fend off questions. Ha ha ha.

Jim is up the top of the room talking with Harvey. Harvey wants Jim to come back to the GCPD. But Jim is happy being a Bounty Hunter these days. How do Rachel and Samantha fit into that life Jim? We then find out that Lucius Fox, is now working for the GCPD. Lucy them to have a man like the Fantastic Mr Fox working for them. Lucius tells Harvey and Jim the monsters are looking for a particular drug. Something to do with the immune system.

Valarie is still giving Barnes and Mary James a hard time. Mayor James is talking. "Liar!" Oswald yells. "My name is Oswald Cobblepot." He said shuffling into the room. "We know who you are Penguin. What do you want?" Barnes asked. "I want you to tell the truth to the people of Gotham. I want you to tell the people of Gotham who you are really looking for." Oswald said. He crows on about how he was there that night. He saw who was leading them. "Fish Mooney!" He yelled. "Are they really organized, and being led by Miss Mooney?" Valarie asked. "I am not in the habit of lying, or repeating myself. I have told the GCPD this six months ago." Oswald said. "Fish Mooney is dead, or long gone now." Barnes said. Like he would know anything! Oswald grandstands some more, before turning to leave. Must say he is looking kind of well a lot dapper today. We like him. "Hello Jim old Friend." Penguin said as he passed. "Hello Oswald." Jim said. "I hear you are quite the bounty hunter these days?" Oswald asked. "Yes." Jim said. "So how come you have not brought Fish in?" Oswald asked. "You have never made it profitable enough." Jim said. Like waving a red rag to a bull!

Penguin and Butch are in a very nice looking nightclub. A girl band is playing, there are people everywhere. Nice place stylish. Ah Barbara is there. It seems it is her club. Ya landed on ya feet Barbra, I like it. "Hello Ozzie." Barbara said. She looks good too. I think they all went to the same holiday camp! They all look great! "The place looks marvelous." Penguin said. "Thank you. I assume you are hear about your offer to let us shelter under your umbrella?" Barbara asked. Penguin smiled. They talk, Barbara refused his shelter. "We will be fine on our own. Won't we?" Barbara asked. Tabatha walked up to Barbara, she smiled and hung off her shoulder. She looks pretty amazing too. Butch is drooling! Me too Butch. They talk. Butch is all tongue tired. Penguin tells him to sit. He takes a seat at the bar. "You do know that I offered to kill you for him. But he is still a little smitten." Penguin said with a smile. So are we Butch!

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