Wrath of the Villains: Transference

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"Nice to meet you

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"Nice to meet you. I'm Jim Gordon." Jim 2 said. "You son of a bitch Strange!" Jim yelled at him.

Task force are at Arkham's gates. "No sing on Gordon." The leader said. "Wait five seconds. The bust in to that joint like a can of beans." Harvey said. Back at Arkham. "On my countdown. 4, 3, 2, " head man said. "Stand down officers. Stand down." Jim 2 said. "Are you alright Sir, you look a little off?" Head man asked. Jim 2 smiles and laughs. He has em fooled.

"STRANGE! You son of a bitch" Jim yells from his spot in his lock down chair.

Dr Strange of course can not hear Jim. He is in a room with a huge black ball. Miss Peabody enters. They argue. He tells her to prepare them to leave now! Before the bomb goes off! Bomb! What the! What about Selina and Jade. What about Tony and Bruce!!!

Ed is still playing with The boys and Lusis. "Are you three ready to play life or death?" Ed asked. No one spoke. "Who runs Indian hill?" Ed asked. "Who cares." Tony mumbled.

Jim is with Strange again. He gets about this man. Strange has a huge needle. Scars me! "Strange." Jim said wiggling at his arm restraints. Jim ya know you are in Arkham don't ya? "Sorry Jim. I need to know what you know." Strange said to him. Right before he injects honesty serum into him. Strange asks how he feels. Good. He then asked Jim what he was up to here. "We made a plan. If I have not checked in by noon. They will send someone." Jim said. "Oh we know. You did check in. No one is coming." Strange said. He seemed to take a huge lot of satisfaction in telling Jim that too.

Back at the GCPD. Harvey is so happy Jim is safe. "So Strange is clean?" Harvey asked. "Yes he is connected. Connected to people we don't want to mess with." Jim 2 said. He laughs at that. Harvey can't ya see it is not the real Jim! "Are you alright Jim. Ya look like a sack of fish." Harvey said. Do ya think Harvey. It's not Jim!

"60 seconds." Ed said. "Strange?" Lusis whispered. "Again who cares?" Tony said. "Wayne Enterprises." Bruce said. "Bravo Turtle neck." Ed said. "Now a new question. Who runs Wayne Enterprises?" Ed asked. "Go ask the board." Tony whispered. Fox smiled.

Miss Peabody is in the holding cell area. She is barking orders around. Taylor is hiding from her near Fish Mooney's cell. "Hey Lady?" Fish calls. "We'll get to you #13." Miss Peabody said. "Your Mama is maybe #13. I am a human being." Fish said. You want to believe it. A sexy, sexy one too. "My name is Fish Mooney Bitch!" She continued. You go Fish! "Here you are an experiment. A highly valued one at that #13. I'm Miss Peabody." She replied to Fish going to her cell. "Miss Peabody. I do apologize. I am a little stressed. It is against my nature to be locked up." Fish said. "But you are a unique experiment." Miss Peabody said. By now Fish was trying to touch the woman. She almost made it too. But no cigar. "Let me go." Fish demanded. "When you turn comes." Miss Peabody said walking away. "You are making a big mistake Bitch!" Fish called. When they had left Taylor opened the cell door. "Who are you?" Fish asked with a smile. "I am Hellfire. I am here for you Miss Mooney." She said with a smile. She remembered Fish. Taylor loved Fish. The cell door slammed. "You will wait until we are ready for you." Miss Peabody said. Shit I thought she was going to get away then!

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