Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles

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Selina and Jade in with Bridget and Taylor

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Selina and Jade in with Bridget and Taylor. "Don't trust Strange." Selina said. "Yeah he must be Strange with a name like that." Jade said with a giggle. "We are here to take you home." Selina said as she runs around the room with Jade. "Bridget don't do this." Jade said. "Don't call me that. My name is Firefly." Bridget replied. "I am Fire Bug." Taylor said. "Stop moving you can't escape." Bridget said to them. Over the speaker comes Strange's voice. "Enjoy yourselves, Firefly and Firebug." He said to them. "You should feel honored. You are our first sacrifice." Bridget said. "No we aint." Jade said running around to Taylor. Selina hung from the ceiling. She jumped down and hit Bridget. Jade pretended to him Taylor. "Wow they really scrambled her eggs." Selina said. "So much so they forgot about Taylor." Jade said giggling.

Bruce is up with the pigeons. Tony is with him. "If he hurts our girls, I will take you down!" Tony said. "He won't she will be here." Bruce said. They heard a noise. "Your late Selina. I was getting worried about you." Bruce said. "Well thanks for worrying Billionaire boy. But as you can see we are good." Harleen said giggling. "Ivy! Harleen! Have you seen Jade and Selina?" Tony asked running to Harleen. "Nope? You?" Harleen asked. Ivy standing watching Bruce, she is looking good with lots of green layers. Harleen is in her cut down suit from Barbara's wardrobe. You remember it, the red and black one? "Have ya lost em?" Ivy asked. "Yes and Bruce over here got them into a lot of trouble!" Tony said running off. Bruce on his heels. "I guess they want the girls pretty bad. I wonder if they have a job for them?" Ivy asked. "Do ya think, or is it that they love em so much?" Harleen asked with her usual giggle. We want to say the second Harleen, but we are sure they are in danger now.

Harvey is telling and not to good by the way. About the death of Azrael. He is totally out of his depth as a Captain. Poor man. Lucky he is an actor, he makes a much better one of them! Ha ha ha. Jim is in his office. Hey Jim did ya forget you don't work for the GCPD no more? He wants to bring Strange in. But as Barnes would say. Proof! As Jim leaves, he runs right into Bruce. "Detective Gordon. Dr Strange has Selina and Jade!" Bruce and Tony tell him.

A woman is watching Harvey on the tv. She it seems is not amused. She picks up the phone and calls a man. "Strange is out of control. We need to gather the court." She said before hanging up. Court of what? Loony's?

Strange and Peabody are waking up more monsters. This one has cool eyes. Bright blue. "Who are you? What is your name?" Strange asked him. "Who am I? What is my name?" He asked Strange. But he does have the most rubbery skin I have ever seen. Cool. "Amazing." Strange said. "Rest now son, I will be back." He said before leaving the room.

As Strange walks with Miss Peabody they talk. "You have woken up 7 in the last 12 hours." Miss Peabody said. They talk about how amazing it all is. Miss Peabody has no other expression, she is just so cool. I like those full Lusis, purple lips, nice. Strange must be in a strange mood. He calls her Ethel. See she even has a cool name. I like her more and more. "Shall we now wake up #13?" Strange asked. OMG! It is our one and only FISH MOONEY!!! She looks amazing for a dead one. I like the nails. Oh she is just so sexy!!! Oh yeah Fish is back!!!

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