Wrath of the Villains: Unleashed

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Jim and Harvey are back at Arkum

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Jim and Harvey are back at Arkum. "What is you problem? You are upsetting the patients." Miss Peabody said. "Where's your boss?" Jim asked. "We have a warrant to search the premises." Harvey said. "He's busy with patients." Miss Peabody said. She is just so cool. I like her. Although she doesn't look too happy. "It's quite alright Miss Peabody." Strange said coming up from behind her. She is so cool she didn't even flinch. Harvey being the only one on the GCPD pay roll now, started to talk. He went on about how Theo had been brought here for cremation. But they had seen him last night at the GCPD. "How Strange." Strange said. Cool as a cucumber! Funny Harvey and Jim aint. They get to Strange's office. He has shredded all his paperwork. Nice one Strange. "Spring Cleaning." He said with a smile. " Well what about Victor Fries, he was seen last night wearing a spacesuit?" Harvey asked. "It's a surprise to me too." Strange said. "This aint over!" Harvey said leaving with Jim.

Ed emerges from the lift as Harvey and Jim leave. Ed gets caught out of his cell. He is happy to go back to it. I bet Ed, you seen what Strange is hiding in the underground. Back in his cell. Ed rocks back and forward. "Got to get out of here, got to get out of here." He is repeating. He sees the air con vent. "Ah." He smiles. Gonna break out are ya Ed?

"You damn kids. This is a place of worship." The priest said as he came out to the front of the church. "I need a weapon." Azrael said. "We have on weapons here." The priest said pulling back from the man. "Oh then what good are you?" Azrael said. As he snaps the priest neck! What? He is definitely Crazy!

Penguin is dressing as he watches the tv. They are still on about Theo Galavan not being dead. But he is people, he is! "Watch out old friend, I am coming for you." He said with a laugh. I just love him so much! I think Jade and Selina do too.

Harvey is at the GCPD. He is barking out orders. Jim reminds him that he is the new Captain. For now Harvey, I am sure Barnes will be back. They have a chat about Galavan. "We have to think outside the box. Who knew him best?" Jim said. Ah Tabatha?

Alfred and Bruce are in the ally. "Tell me what good a 15 year old girl is going to be Master Bruce?" Alfred asked. "Is Selina only 15?" Tony asked. "Yes and Jade is 14." Bruce replied. "Oh." Tony said with a smile. "Look you two I am your guardian. How can I let you go and do this?" Alfred said. "How can you stop us Alfred?" Tony said. "Well take care then." Alfred said with a sigh he walked off leaving the boys to go to Selina and Jade.

Tabatha is packing up. She is leaving. "Please don't go. I am sorry I yelled at Barbara and her brood." Butch said. "He was upset after the birthday party poor boy." Jackson said. Just then Harvey and jim enter the room. "Going somewhere?" Jim asked. "It's time she moved to corrupt another." Harvey said. Tabatha threw down her bag, she went to get a drink. You can come and stay with us Tabatha. I know I asked Penguin the same, but as ya know. He went off with his Father. "That thing you saw last night. Is not my Brother." Tabatha said. "Well he does a really great impression of him." Harvey said. "He is a 300 year old Knight. An assassin. A mythical figure worshiped by the monks. Monks that brought up my Brother." Tabatha said. Well that explains it then! We just thought he was bat shit crazy! Tabatha tells them about a sword he had. Her grandfather has it. "So where is he then?" Jackson asked. "He has been dead for years." Tabatha said. "So who has the sword now?" Jim asked. "He does he was buried with his treasures." She replied. "Anyone up for some grave robbing?" Jackson asked with a laugh. Na ya can do that all alone.

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