Wrath of the Villains: Azrael

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Theo Galavan is awake

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Theo Galavan is awake. He has knocked off the orderlies. He is now having a chat to himself. "Heathens. They all must Die" He rants as he walks around the room. "Oh Miss Peabody, we have success. We have brought one back." He said as he stood and watched. "No good bringing them all back if they are crazy." Miss Peabody said. Crazy aint the word for that! More like a Monster! Ha ha ha.

"Do we really have to have it here?" Butch asked again for the third time. "Yes." Tabatha said. As she handed him the banner to hang. Butch waled away mumbling about kids! "Good Morning Butch, how are you today?" Barbara asked as she walked straight past him to Tabatha. "It looks wonderful thank you again Tabatha." Barbara said making eyes at her. "I would only do this for you." Tabatha replied with her sexy smile. These lovely girls, did they go to the Barbie factory to get them? Na they are home made lovely's. There were pink a blue ribbons everywhere. Pink and white balloons saying Happy Birthday. "There it's done." Butch said as he stepped back to admire his handy work. 'Happy Birthday Rachel' hung over the door. Barbara looked up and smiled. Her face shining. "Well then I had better go get dressed." Barbara said as she wandered off in her red satin pajamas. "Tell me again why we have to do this?" Butch asked Tabatha when Barbara left. "She has no where else to go." Tabatha said. "And that is our problem because?" Butch asked. "Hey you guys did great in here. I can't wait for everyone to get here." Jackson said with a laugh. I bet Harleen is coming isn't she?

"He descends from the 12 th century Dumas, Knights."Strange said to Miss Peabody. "Well how wonderful for him." She said. She still thought he was crazy. We know he is bat shit crazy Miss Peabody. Strange gets a phone call. "Yes is he, I will come now." Strange said. He gets to his office to see none other than, Jim Gordon. Jim spins him a line about being hired by a client. He is asking about Karen Jennings. To give the strange man credit. He didn't ever drop himself into the shit. He denied everything. Clever man. They talk some more, about pinewood farms. Then Strange turns the tables on Jim. Analyzes him. Funny! Jim leaves empty handed. But he tells Strange "He'll be Back!" Ha ha ha

"Good morning little sister. Happy birthday." Samantha said to
Rachel who had just entered her sisters room. Morning." She replied. "I bet you are excited?" Samantha said. "I am." Rachel said jumping up and down. "11 Years old. You will need a walking stick soon." Samantha said teasing her sister. "Yeah like your wheelchair huh?" Rachel said laughing. "Here ya go." Samantha said handing her a small jewelry box. Rachel undid the bow. She ripped open the box, inside on a bed of red velvet sat two hearts. One with the inscription, "Big Sis, one with Little Sis." Rachel's eyes misted over. She took out the necklaces. She handed one to Samantha and then hung hers around her neck. "Now I will always be with you. Hey you give me the wrong one. I am the big sis." Samantha said. "I know, but now you will always be with me and I you." Rachel replied. Samantha laughed. Awe wipeing the tear away.

Ed is in the middle of a squabble, between two inmates. He pretends to talk to one of their imaginary friends. She slapped him. I hope mine would too. Once the squabble is settled, Ed notices Jim in the hall. "Hello Jimmy." He calls to him. "Go to hell Ed." Jim replies. Not nice Jim. "I'm already here. You put me there. You know this is just one big puzzle. I will solve it. No one beats me." Ed said. "I did. See you never Ed." Jim said leaving. I will let ya out Ed. I want the Riddler to come out again. Ed sees Miss Peabody and Strange talking. "I can help you with Jim Gordon. I know him very well. If you let me out of here." Ed said to them. "Mr Nygma you can't help me. I am here to help you." Strange said. Ed tells him about some of the inmates. He tells Strange that everyone has a story. "Yes. I take it back. You did help me Mr Nygma." Strange said running off down the hall.

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