Wrath of the Villains: Pinewood

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"Hello Jim

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"Hello Jim." Barbara said as she stood in the door of his apartment. "Get inside hands up." Jim said pulling a gun on her. "You should be in Arkum." Jim said. "You should be in Black Gate." Barbara said. "Why are you here?" Jim asked. "They released me. I am not that person anymore Jim." Barbara said. She sure aint, she looks great. "Have you seen the girls yet?" Jim asked. "No I came straight to you. I thought they would be here now?" Barbara said looking around for signs of them. "No. I have been busy." Jim said. "I'm sure you have. Now can I see them please?" Barbara asked. "They are not here." Jim said. "Well where are they?" Barbara asked. Jim gave her the address. "Tell Rachel I will catch up with her later." Jim said. "What are you working on. You are not at the GCPD yet?" Barbara asked. "No I thought I would do some work on the Wayne case." Jim said. "I can help." Barbara said taking the file. "No thank you. Go see your girls." Jim said. "So that's it?" Barbara asked. Come on Jim she still wants ya. Go for it man! Kiss her! "Yes please go." Jim said. "Can you do me one thing please?" Barbara asked. Jim stood not saying anything. "Say my name." Barbara said. "Goodbye Barbara." he said shutting the door. As Barbara stands on the doorstep, she composes herself. Harvey arrives with Beer and Pizza. "What the hell, Jim!" Harvey yells. "He's all yours Harvey." Barbara said with a smile. You go girl, make em sweat!

"Hey Samantha are ya going to see ya Mum today?" Harleen asked. She had spent the night with them. Ivy and her had a falling out. Harleen was due home. "Yep after school. She seems to be doing so well. Each day is like a brand new day for her." Samantha said. "I can't wait until she is out of Arkum. She aint really mad is she Samantha?" Rachel asked. "No. Mum had her inner Monster out for a time. But she is under control now." Samantha said. "Oh goodie." Rachel said clapping. "I do like ya cereal. What is it. I will have to get Ivy to steal some." Harleen said. "Chocolate pops." Rachel said. "Why what do you have with Ivy?" Samantha asked. "Fruit loops." Harleen said giggling. Just then the front door bell rang. "What did ya forget your .......key .... Mummy!"" Samantha said hugging Barbara. Looking very prim and proper today Barbara! Rachel come running from the other room. She nearly took Barbara out in the excitement. "I missed you so much Mummy!" Rachel said tears running down her face. "Nice to see ya home again. I guess I will go now. See ya around." Harleen said waving to the girls as she left.

"Tones time to go." Jade said to him pushing him to wake up. They had come up to the midtown bridge last night. They had sat looking at all of Jade's picture books. "That was Muffy. She loved Selina so much. She always slept on the end of her bed. I can remember when she first moved in, Mum put her on a blow up mattress. Muffy did her thing with the claws and the Mattress went down in the night." Jade said laughing at the memory. "So who are the others?" Tony asked. "That I think is Mummy. That I think is Selina's Mum. That is Barry my brother. I guess that is Dad. Looks like the man I visited in Black Gate. Not sure about the rest." Jade said smiling up at him. "Your life is so different from mine Mara. Do you think we could meet in the middle one day?" He asked her. "Why not, I feel a connection with you. One I have never felt with another boy. Only Selina." Jade said. "I have one question?" Tony said sitting looking around at all the stuff she had stashed. "Yes?" Jade said. "Why do you call Selina, Sena?" He asked her. "When she was little she used to refer to herself as Sena. She could not get Selina out, neither could I for that matter. So Sena stuck." Jade said. "You know something?" Tony asked. "What?" Jade asked smiling at him. "You are amazing." Tony said. "Of course I am." Jade said as she moved closer to him. "Are you wanting something?" Tony said. Jade giggled and smiled. He knew in an instant what she wanted. She had invited him to the midtown bridge. He leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back. She melted into his body heat. Just like she had seen Selina do with Bruce so many time. Jade liked it! But now it was morning. "Well good morning beautiful girl." Tony said to her. "Good morning. I think ya better go. Alfred will have you for this." Jade said. "I know. But it was worth it to kiss you on the midtown bridge." Tony said as he got up to go. Awe aint they so sweet?

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