Wrath of the Villains: This Ball of Mud and Meanness

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Pengie is bound and gagged!  There is a huge plate of goulash

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Pengie is bound and gagged! There is a huge plate of goulash. "Why don't you eat? What's the matter Liebchen, are you sick? You look pale. Tell Mama what is wrong. When you grow big and strong, we will have to beat the women off with a stick." Mother said to him. Pengie is watching Mother with frightened eyes. Penguin comes in from behind her with a baseball bat. Starts to beat the shit out of her. What?? OMG that is his therapy that Strand is giving him. Dr Strange is a monster, but so cool. Ha ha ha ha. Strange and Miss Peabody are watching Pengie squirm. They talk. "I think it is about time we do the ice cream test." Strange said. "As you wish." Miss Peabody said glaring at him.

Pengie is in the food cage. He has been sent in with Ice cream on his plate. He sits with Aaron. You remember him from the Arkum breakout with Barbara? Big man, hard to forget! "You have ice cream!" he yells at Penguin. "Why yes do you not?" Penguin asked. "I want Ice cream!" He yells as he grabs penguin. Shit he must love ice cream more than Jade! Aaron throws Pengie on table and shouts that he wants Ice cream! Strange is at the door of the cage. "Good enough. Guards." He said. "I think he is ready." Strange said with a smile. Ready for what?

Selina and Jade are in the alley. "Ya sure he said today?" Jade asked. "Yes it is today, yes this is the right time. Yes it is the right place." Selina said. "I didn't ask that Sena." Jade said. "No but I know you were going to." Selina said. Who are they waiting for? "Sena ...." Jade said. "No Jade, look here they are." Selina said pointing to Bruce and Tony. Ah now we know why Jade is on edge. She jumps down and runs to him for a hug. "How ya doing Mara?" Tony asked. "Good Tones." Jade replied. Really you two? "Hey?" Selina said to Bruce. "Selina." Bruce replied. Oh for god's sake kiss already. Selina hands him the gun. "Is it loaded?" Bruce asked. "Aint no point in an unloaded one." Jade said. "Guns are for one thing Bruce. It aint for protection." Selina said. "No it's made to kill Bruce." Jade said. "Are you ready for this Bruce?" Selina asked. Bruce hesitated. Jade hung off Tony's arm. "Yes." Bruce replied. I don't think he is, do you?

Lee and Jim are at work. A little tension there we can see it. He must have left for work before her. "Lee?" Jim said turning to her. "Jim. I am worried about Kristen Kringle. I went to get her new address. Human resources gave me her un-cashed paychecks." Lee said. "Well Daugherty has money. Maybe they are traveling? Have you talked to Ed?" Jim asked. "No. I will go to missing persons then." Lee said. "No Lee, I'll look into it." Jim said.

Alfred, Bruce and Tony are talking. Alfred has the file, has worked out where to start. But the boys have to let Alfred do the talking. Bruce nods. "Not me." Tony said. "Well you can stay here if ya like?" Alfred said. Took Tony a split second to decided. "OK I will go." he said. I guess he is interested in the adventure. So they are off to see a man called Cupcake. Funny. They get to the place, it is a fight ring. "Hello gents I was wondering if I could have a word with a man called Cupcake." Alfred said. "Here I am!" The man said he was a huge man I know why they call him cupcake. He is so sweet! Ha ha ha. "Who's ya friend?" Cupcake asked. "I'm Bruce Wayne." Bruce said. "What billionaire Bruce Wayne?" Cupcake asked with a smile. Bruce did not answer. "I will pay you for information on Matches Malone." Bruce said. "How much?" Cupcake asked. "Master Bruce." Alfred said. "Hey but out I am talking to the boss." Cupcake said. "Nice move Bruce." Tony said. "I million." Cupcake said. "Too much." Bruce said. "He don't want to buy the man." Tony said. "OK then, 50 grand and a fight?" Cupcake said. "Deal." Alfred said. "The fight is until someone says Uncle, or is out!" The girl said. "Alfred?" Tony said. "I will be fine Master Tony." Alfred said as he took off his coat. Alfred and Cupcake go at it. Cupcake, decks Alfred. Beats the shit out of him. "Uncle!" Bruce calls. "NO!" Alfred said. "Don't try and help now Bruce." Tony said. "What you need to know is when you are fighting a big man. You just have to outlast him." Alfred said. As he did just that. He held Cupcake man in a headlock. "Uncle!" Cupcake said. Bruce give him 50 grand and gets the name he needs for the next step. "Are you alright Alfred?" Tony asked. "Yep fine lad." He said as he slid to the floor. On ya Alfred fighting for the cause. Ha ha ha. Alfred is now in hospital. He is forbidding Bruce and Tony to go on. They are to wait there with him. Yes Alfred they say nodding as he loses it and sleeps. Now they are off to see a girl called Jeri.

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