Wrath of the Villains: A Dead Man Feels No Cold

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Harvey and Jim are hard at it again

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Harvey and Jim are hard at it again. They arrive at Ace Chemicals. "Where is everyone?" Harvey asked. No one spoke. Watch out there is going to be a stand off. "Victor Fires is in there, Take care people." Jim said. He is my hero! Not. No heroes in Gotham Jim. They enter they find a cop in ice, his bullet hanging there in mid air. In the ice! Mr Freeze has been here guys. As they get further in they find more. At the end where he has stolen the chemicals. There is writing on the wall. Well as the building is half frozen, then you could say. He left them a message in the ice. "FREE MY WIFE!" it said. I think he means it do you?

At Wayne Manor Lee has come to call on Bruce and Tony. "Hello boys how was Switzerland?" She asked them. "The same as always. Snow, mountains." Bruce said. "It was a little chilly while we were there, Miss Tompkins. Would you like a tea?" Tony asked. "Why yes thank you." Lee said. "He is always the thoughtful one." Bruce said. "You feel you are not thoughtful Bruce?" Lee asked. "Would you like me to go Miss Tompkins?" Tony asked. "Well that is up to Bruce." Lee said. "Bruce?" Tony asked. Bruce did not answer. "I will take that as a yes. We almost both got killed." Tony said. "So how does that make you both feel?"Lee asked. "I feel alive. Invigorated." Bruce said. "You would." Tony said. "I want you to go." Bruce said. "Fine by me. Please excuse me Miss Tompkins." Tony said. "Yes of course Tony." Lee said. Tony left the room in a huff. "Does feeling this way, the way I do. Is that normal?" Bruce asked. "Not exactly textbook, but you have been through a lot." Lee said. "I feel like there is two Bruce's. One strong, one still a little scared of the future." Bruce said. "Well that is a normal thing at your age Bruce." Lee said. "Is it. Tony knows what he wants to do. He is focused, he even has Jade." Bruce said. "What about you Bruce. What do you want in the future?" Lee asked. "I want to find the man who killed my parents." Bruce said angry Bruce. "So what are you going to do then?" Lee asked. "I will hand him over to the proper authorities."Bruce said. No ya wont, you want to kill him. We know. "Thank you for coming Miss Tompkins. I know what I want to do with my life now. I feel like i have clarity." Bruce said to her. "Well I don't think I did too much. But thank you. Do you think Tony would like to come and talk?" Lee asked. "I will go and ask." Bruce said. Lee sat for a time. She looked around the room at the board on the wall. Ya know the one with all the pictures and files on it. "Thank you Miss Tompkins. But I will be fine thank you." Tony said when he came back. "Alright, well just call if you need me." Lee said. "I will." Tony said. "As will I miss Tompkins." Bruce said. "Well I do hope the path you take Bruce is not a violent one. You and Tony are good men." Lee said before she made her way out. Wow Lee ya really helped the boys didn't ya?

Back at Barnes office Jim and Harvey are telling him about Victors words. "Free my wife? I would rather ram my foot up his frozen ass." Barnes said. Ya got it wrong Barnes, he does the freezing. He aint frozen! Then they work together and have a brain storm. His wife is sick, she can not go to the hospital. But they can transfer her to Arkum medical. Clever. They think they can trap him there!

Jim goes to tell Lee. She is not a happy camper. "The woman is dying, she needs a hospital." Lee said. "Well she can have Arkum medical. That way we can trap him." Jim said. Lee still not happy they argue some more. "I am going with her." Lee said. "NO." Jim said. "I am pregnant Jim. I do not have a delicate constitution." Lee said. Now Jim is not a happy man. What the cracks beginning to show? Ha ha ha. Wake up Barbara Jim is going to be free soon.

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