Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze

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There  is a man running down the alley

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There is a man running down the alley. He rushes past Jade, and Selina. "He's in a bit of a hurry Sena." Jade said watching him. "Get back." Selina said, pushing Jade back into the shadows. "Who is he?" Jade asked. "A weirdo." Selina said. The man they were talking about wore a black suit, with white tinted goggles. On his back, was a pack. Much the same as the one Bridget wore. Only this one didn't shoot fire, it shot Ice!!! "Jim aint going to like that." Jade said. "No neither is Uncle Butch." Selina said. I don't know I think he is kinda cool. Get it cool? Ha ha.

Jim is in with the board. He is at one end of the table, Harvey

Dent is at the other, with a few others. They are asking Jim about what happened with Theo Galavan. Jim denies everything. Penguin did it!! Yeah that's right drop Oswald ya friend into the shit Jim. Finally it is over. Jim has his badge back. He is one happy camper. But Lee who is waiting for Jim has her doubts. Ya didn't tell her Jim. Big mistake. Barnes is watching Jim leave the building. He and Harvey Dent are not too sure Jim told the truth either! Time will tell Jim.

Ivy and Harleen are sitting watching the news. "Now that Oswald Cobblepot is still on the loose. The fact now remains who is running Gotham's underworld?" The girl on the news said. "I wonder if there is a reward for him?" Ivy asked. "We could ask?" Harleen said. The girls looked at each other. "Na then Jade would never talk to me again." Harleen said. "But then we could get some new clothes, or something." Ivy said. "Do ya think we should?" Harleen said watching Penguin himself sleep on Jade and Selina's lounge. "No better leave it. Knowing our luck they would take the money from us." Ivy said. "Who Jade and Selina?"Harleen asked. "No the cops. Then they would put us in foster care." Ivy said. Harleen smiled. "No one would want you two of misfits." Penguin said turning on the lounge. The girls both laughed.

Butch and Jackson have now taken up residence in Penguins old place. They have changed nothing. Butch is there trying to keep his cool, Jackson is helping some. But he still has his school work to do. Butch is getting a little overwhelmed with it all. "Hello Butch." Tabatha said. Oh my she is back. What a woman. Butch is now all tongue tide. "I see you two know each other so I shall leave you to it Uncle." Jackson said. "Who are you?" Tabatha asked him. "Jackson Napier at your service." Jackson said bowing down low. Tabatha smiled at him. "I thought you had to go." Butch said. "I do." Jackson said with a laugh. He nodded at Tabatha before leaving. "Why are you so glum. You are now the King of Gotham." Tabatha said with a smile. "I don't know it aint like I thought. It's a lot of pressure." Butch said. "No as much fun as you would like then?" Tabatha asked as she moved in on him. "I don't want no partner right now." Butch said. "But why Butch. We have history don't we?" Tabatha asked. "Yes, then you tried to kill me." Butch said. Tabatha smiled and sat on his knee. He was powerless to stop her. "I was under Theo's orders. He is gone now. But you and I Butch are still here." Tabatha said. "But I don ......" Butch never go to finish his sentence. Tabatha locked lips with him. He gives in and kisses her back. On ya Butch I like Tabatha. "Ewe, did they have to Sena?" Jade asked as the girls drew back from the window, where they were watching them. "Yeah Jade it happens." Selina said with a smile.

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