Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime

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Alfred has been dumped from the rubbish truck

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Alfred has been dumped from the rubbish truck. He is now at the rubbish dump. Bet he smells nice. Ha ha ha. Quick Alfred, hide Tabatha is right there. She is with her Hench men Alfred, she is looking for you.

Lusis comes out of the fireplace. "Bruce, Tony, ... Alfred?" He calls. Sorry Lusis no one is home.

Bruce and Tony are with Galavan. He prattles on about how he is a Dumas. How the Wayne family did his a dishonor 200 years ago. We remember that. Wayne's cut off Caleb's hand. He of course did not stand up for his lady Wayne. Oh boo Hoo get over it Galavan. But ya don't worry about that. Theo is taking revenge tonight. At the stroke of Midnight, He is going to kill them both. Because they are the last sons of the Wayne line. "You should be glad boys." Father Creed said to them. I'll give him glad! Come here man let me slit ya throat see how you like it Bitch!

Alfred is still at the dump. Tabatha is closing in on him. He finds a huge freezer to hide in. Tabatha walks by. You are all good Alfred, she didn't see ya. Oh shit they dumped a pile of garbage on the freezer. Bugger Alfred. How ya going to get out of this one??

Jim is having a nightmare. About Barbara falling from the church window. Funny it is just like Barbara's. She had a butterfly coming out of her mouth too. Funny that huh? When he awakens fully he hears Penguin singing with Ed, who is playing the piano. Now ya know ya are awake don't ya Jim. "Hello sleepyhead. No need to thank me, us for saving your life." Penguin said. Jim gets up. "You took quite a beating from Galavan's men. That Galavan is a real pistol isn't he?" Penguin said. Jim is looking for a way out. "You know you should consider a partnership with me. We share a common bond. We both want to see Galavan die." Penguin said. Do ya Jim? I bet ya do.

Tabatha comes to the penthouse. "Smile Brother, for god's sake you won, Gotham is now yours." Tabatha said. "Did you get the manservant?" Theo asked. "What can one old butler do anyway?" Tabatha asked. I hear a lot more than the average butler. "You forget I know you. I remember the sad little ..." Tabatha was cut off. The door opens and Silver arrives with Sapphire. "Uncle Theo I have a cold coming on. Can I be excused from today's entertainment?" Silver asked. "I am fine with everything." Sapphire said. "You now believe his lies. You like him is that it Silver?" Theo asked. "No!" Silver said. "Well then a test. I want you to make Bruce fall in love with you again. I want to see you kiss him before he dies." Theo said. Perv Theo! "You can try with the other one if you wish." Theo said to Sapphire. "With pleasure." Sapphire said. "Leave them alone." Tabatha said. "They like you are disposable. So shut up and do your bloody Job!" Theo said no getting angry.

Bruce and Tony are in a cell under the building. "I hate you. You know that?" Tony asked Bruce. "Yes." Bruce replied, "We are both going to die now. Because you had to be with Silver fako!" Tony said pacing up and down. Silence filled the cell. "Hello?" Silver said at the door. The guard opened it. She enters with Sapphire. "OI don't want to know you go away." Tony said to them. "We will go if you want. But we thought you might want some company." Silver said going to Bruce. He looked away. "Go away don't you think you two have done enough damage?" Tony said. "I know you must hate us right now." Silver said. "I don't feel anything for you Silver." Bruce said. Sapphire looked at Tony. "he I always felt that way." Tony said. "Really?" Sapphire said going to sit with him. Tony moved further down the bench. He was now wedged up against the stone wall. "Can you tell me one thing?" Tony asked. "Yes Sapphire replied as she moved closer to him. Get Back or Jade will have ya girl. "Why did you Uncle want us to wear these stupid whit robes?" Tony asked. "I don't know." Sapphire said with a giggle. "Really?" Tony asked. No Bitch you aint Jade, or Harleen. They are the only one's who are allowed to giggle, thank you. "You and Tony are just so adorable Bruce." Silver said with a smile.

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