Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

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Ed has found a wounded Penguin in the Forest

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Ed has found a wounded Penguin in the Forest. What is he going to do? The only thing an Ed would do. Take him home to his house. On ya Ed.

The morning newspapers have hit the newsstands. "Mayor Galavan Arrested for Kidnapping of Mayor James!" The headlines read. Tabatha is wandering down the dingy street. Not where she would normally be seen I am sure. She enters the dingy bar. The old bartender watches her with interest. The bar is of course empty. "I was told to ask for a high smith royal" Tabatha said. " A little early miss." The bartender said. "I said a high smith royal." Tabatha said as she threw down a wad of money on to the bar top. The old man pushed a button. The wall moved opening into a gambling establishment. Tabatha enters, her arm is in a sling. I think she got a hit at the Penguin thing. Tabatha walks over and sits with The Lady. They talk. Tabatha wants someone taken out. She is indisposed at the moment. "Personal, or Business?" The Lady asked. "What's it to you?" Tabatha asked. "Personal costs more. It gets messy." The Lady said. "Business, a cop." Tabatha said. "Cops cost extra too." The Lady said. "I don't care. I want him dead before morning." Tabatha said. "Consider it done." The Lady said. She smiled.

Jim is at the hospital. He is looking at Barbara laying on the bed through the window. "She is in a deep coma. We have no idea when or even if she will wake up. She will be transferred to Arkum. She will be well taken care of there. Were you traveling with her?" The doctor asked. "No." Jim replied. "I want to go with her." Samantha said. She had brought Rachel back last night. That is when she had heard about Barbara. Samantha had been there all night with her. "Why?" Jim asked looking into her eyes. "She is my Mum." Samantha said looking up into Jim's eyes. Jim stood for a moment watching Rachel with her Mother. "OK. Tell Rachel not to be late for school." Jim said. "Thanks Dad." Samantha said as she went of to sit with Barbara again. "Hey Daddy can I get a lift to school?" Rachel asked with a smile. "I don't know. You tried to kill me yesterday?" Jim said with a smile. "That was all Mummy's idea. Well not so much Mummy's as the other lady. Miss Tabatha." Rachel said. "Yes. I am sure it was." Jim said smiling at her.

Pengie awakens to Ed hovering over him. "Hello sleepyhead." Ed said. "What who are you? Where am I?" Penguin asked as he looked around. He then tried to get up and leave. "My apologies in advance." Ed said as he stabbed Penguin with a needle. Penguin fell back on to the bed. What did ya give him Ed? I want some too! Ha ha ha.

Jim is at work. He is searching through his desk. "Looking for this?" Lee asked Jim handing him his pager. Jim smiles and takes the pager. "I have to get to Galavan's place. Get some evidence on him." Jim said. "OK. I got a call about Barbara. She is being transferred today to Arkum." Lee said. "I know." Jim said. "What Jim, didn't ya tell her? Jim Barbara is ya Ex. What is there not to understand Jim. Fool. "You went to see her?" Lee asked. "Yes to see about her condition." Jim said. "She doesn't have a condition Jim. She is in a coma." Lee said she was angry now. Or was it jealousy? "Jim she is the Devil!" Lee said. It's Jealousy. "I have to go." Jim said. "We have to talk." Lee said. "I promise tonight." Jim said. Ya know Jim ya should not make promises ya can't keep. Or maybe ya can. "You know Jim when you are with her you feed off her dark side." Lee said. Jim kissed Lee. Smooth Jim.

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