Rise of the Villains: Scarification

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At the Galavan penthouse, sit Penguin and Butch

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At the Galavan penthouse, sit Penguin and Butch. They have brought Galavan a huge box. "Thank you for the box." Theo said. "My pleasure. No if we may talk. I feel that I would be much more useful for you, if I didn't have to worry about Mother." Penguin said. "As opposed to the tool you are now?" Theo asked. "Well this tool would work a lot better, if he did not have to worry about my Mother." Penguin gushed out. "What do you think Tabatha?" Theo asked. She flirts with Butch. Then Theo says no. Penguin and Butch leave in a huff. Theo then goes to open his huge chest. Inside it none other than Bunderslaw. "You are the cleaner for Wayne enterprises, are you not?" Theo asked him. "Who are you?" Bunderslaw asked. "You are going to tell us everything you know." Theo said. "Or what?" He asked. "Torture. But that is for later. Now we need something of yours. Tabatha." Theo said. She smiles and takes her knife. She takes what she needs. Did she just cut off his finger?

Penguin's count house is thriving. The men are running around in their underwear. Nice tighty whites boys. "GCPD nobody move." Jim yells as he enters the room. Barnes is right beside him with his task force. A man from the other side of the room hits them all with a rocket launcher. "A rocket launcher!" Barns said. "Welcome to Gotham." Harvey said. "Where do they get this stuff?" Barnes asked. "The Merc." Jim said. They plan a raid first thing in the morning. Nothing like a raid to get ya juices flowing in the morning!

Penguin and Butch arrive home. "We could take his sister." Butch said. "Why?" Jade asked as the came home. "We could hold her to ransom." Butch said. "Why, what do ya want to fight Mr Galavan for?" Jade asked again. "Because we do. DO you not have someplace to be?" Penguin asked. "Yes I guess." Jade said. Silence fell into the room. "Well off you go then." Penguin said. "Oh alright then. I guess I could go see Harleen and Ivy." Jade said. "I will come too. Let Butch and Penguin talk in private." Jackson said. "Ya know ya will never have Harleen don't ya." Jade said. Just then a man enters. "Ah Mr Penguin Sir. The count house has been hit. You lost 2 million." He said to Penguin. BY now Penguin had lost it. "You enjoyed telling me that. Didn't you?" Penguin asked as he bashed him with the fire poker. "Time we went." Selina said dragging Jade from the room. "Do ya think Mr Penguin is a little upset?" Jade asked as they walked. Do ya think Jade?

"Hello?" Jade calls as she enters the Mushroom farm. "Who goes there?" Harleen said jumping out from behind the pole. "Ya fool it's us." Jade said. "Who is us?" Harleen asked then she fell to the floor laughing. "Made ya think didn't it?" She said giggling still. "Yes Harleen my girl it did." Jackson said smiling at her. "I said no Harleen Mister." Jade said glaring at him. "Oh hello strangers. Haven't seen you lot for a while." Ivy said. "We are here to take ya to the ice cream shop." Jade said with a smile. "Oh the nice one?" Harleen asked. "What the one at the Mall?" Jackson asked thinking about the huge brand name one. "No. See ya don't know her that well. She means the one near the unicorn. Don't ya?" Jade asked Harleen. "Ya know me well sister." Harleen said giggling, just like Jade. "Come on Ivy, I am sure Sonny won't mind if ya go for an Ice cream break." Selina said. "The one near the Unicorn?" Ivy asked. "Yep." Jade said. Ivy smiled the girls and Jackson went to get Ice cream.

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