Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh

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Jade and Harleen are walking down the street

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Jade and Harleen are walking down the street. For once they are minding their own business. A man comes flying out the third story building. Jade jumps back in shock. She pushes Harleen away. Jim is looking down from the window. "Sorry about that Jade." He said "So you should be to Mr Jim. He almost got Harleen." Jade yelled at him. "Have you heard anything from Barbara?" Jim asked. "Na didn't she break out of Arkum?" Jade asked. "Yes. Do you know if Penguin is involved?" Jim asked. "Mr Penguin? I don't hang with him Mr Jim. He is nasty." Jade said with a giggle. "I know. Who is your friend?" Jim asked. "This is Harleen me sister. You might know her as Ivy Peppers sister." Jade said. "Oh yes, I thought I recognized her." Jim said. "Daddy Killer." Harleen yelled at him. "She has issues." Jade said with a giggle. "Nice talking with you Jade. Harleen. Keep off the streets. It's not safe." Jim said to them. "Will do Mr Jim. Bye now." Jade said giggling with Harleen as they run off. "He know anything?" Jim asked Harvey. "No. Sorry to disturb your social life." Harvey said to him. Jim for once smiled at Harvey. Social Life really Harvey?

Tabatha is pulling on her long high heeled black leather boots. Like her legs they go all the way up. Sexy has a new name. Tabatha Galavan! Barbara comes out. "Just like a man, running out without a word." Barbara said. She then went to her and kissed her with passion. I think I would kiss her with passion too. Theo arrives with a silver tray of food and coffee. "Jerome is in the car waiting." He said to Tabatha. She then kisses Barbara with more passion. She then takes the whip from Barbara and leaves. Theo give Barbara toast and coffee. He babbles on about how his family built Gotham. I thought The Wayne's were the founding family? "I will help you."Theo said. "What do you want in return." Barbara asked. "A small favor. Then I will help you not kill James Gordon. But we will totally destroy him!" Theo said. Barbara laughs. Come on Barbara ya love him, ya don't want him dead do ya?

The GCPD show with Jerome is on again. Harvey wants Jim to go ask Penguin if he is involved. Jim don't want no part of it. Don't know why, maybe Ogden Barker? Lee talks to Jim about the Hospital Charity Gala tonight. She tells Jim Rachel is all excited about the Magician. Jim said he can't make it. What? Jim, it's Rachel? Harvey and Jim then decide to go check out Paul Cicero. You remember him. Jerome's Daddy!

Paul has just come home. "Who's there?" He calls. Tabatha wraps a whip around his neck. Guess who blind man! "Hello Daddy!" Jerome said to him. He prattles on about how hard his life was in the circus. Then he plants plans of Arkum and letters to and from him and Jerome. Ya do know he is blind don't ya Jerome? Any way they talk some more. Paul says sorry. He tells Jerome you don't have to do this. Kill his Daddy. "Oh sorry Pop's but I do." Jerome said. "You will be a curse to Gotham. Your legacy will be the one of death, and Madness." Paul said to him. Then comes a knock on the door. Guess who? Harvey and Jim. Jerome kills his Dad. When Harvey comes in he leans over the body. He cops blue gas. Not good Harvey. They meet again in the hall outside. Jim is out for the count now too. Poor boys.

"I am so glad you came with me Selina. I really miss you." Bruce said to her. "She missed ya too." Jade replied. Selina was still giving him the silent treatment. Not sure why? "Thank you again Mr Pennyworth. I do appreciate the lift." Samantha said. "That is our pleasure Miss Kean." Alfred said. "You know you look lovely tonight Jade." Tony said. "I am beginning to feel like a babysitter these days." Alfred said. "Oh stop it Mr Alfred, we will begin to think ya like us." Jade said with a giggle. "Hello Samantha. You look really pretty tonight." Rachel said going over to her. "Thank you Rachel. I like your dress too. I see it is a new one." Samantha said. "Yeah Lee brought it special for tonight." Rachel said with a smile. " Rachel. You can not run off like that. Samantha you look lovely tonight." Lee said. "Thank you." Samantha said she then hooked arms with Selina and they went to work the room. Well Selina did. "Hello I don't think we have been introduced." Alfred said. "No. Dr Lee Tompkins." Lee said. "Ms Tompkins, Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce and Tony Wayne's guardian. Nice to meet you." Alfred said taking her hand. "Dr Tompkins they are ready for you now." A man said. "Oh I am sorry. I have volunteered to be MC for the night. Please excuse me." She said with a smile.

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