Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock

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Theo Galavan is in his penthouse

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Theo Galavan is in his penthouse. "Mr Mayor." He said to Mayor James. Of course he has his head in a leather box. Looks like his is quite and adventures man. But alas he isn't. Theo Galavan is bullying him. He is teasing him. Something about a spider. Yuck! Nasty Man Mr Galavan. Eventually Theo opens the box. He gets Mayor Jams to tell his assistant, that he has gone away with his lover. Naughty Mr Galavan. But I do like it! He tells Mr Mayor he is going to cleanse the city of Gotham. Do ya think ya can?

The Editor of the Gotham Gazette is revving his people up. Then everyone runs to the window. Bodies are being dropped from the roof. Jerome sits on the edge, he is telling Arron who to throw off the roof. They are all still in their Arkum uniforms. Jerome laughs as he looks down at his handy work. Seven body's lay on the ground. They spell out the word, MANIAX! "What is Gotham coming to?" Jade asked Jackson. As they walked the street. "I know what ya mean Jade. The papers are rabbiting on about this new business man in town. They could be getting better stuff. Like the Arkum breakout, oh and those boys. Look at them up there on the roof. They still have on their Arkum uniforms. I would want to ditch that little puppy straight away." Jackson said. "Really?" Jade asked looking at him. He smiled. "I don't know what Harleen sees in ya." She said with a giggle.

"Ya know Ivy the street's aint safe no more. Ya know with those loons escaping from Arkum." Harleen said to her. "I know Harleen. But if ya don't go see Jackson, then we won't have to worry about ya." Ivy said. "But I like him." Harleen said. "We know that. But could ya think about something else for a while?" Ivy asked. "Like what?" Harleen asked. "Maybe Jade?" Ivy said. "But Jackson has been staying with her." Harleen said. "Go talk to Sonny. You will forget soon enough." Ivy said with a giggle. "Na." Harleen said laughing with Ivy.

Sarah who is now Commissioner Essen is telling her people about seven men being abducted last night. They were the ones that Jerome and his buddies dropped from the rooftops. "Jim is lead Detective on this case." She said. Jim makes a show of telling everyone who has broken out of Arkum. "Jerome Valeska, {You remember him from the circus. He killed his Mother the snake charmer} 18 years old. Arnold Dodkins, he is a rapist among other things. Arron Helzinger, he killed his family with his bear hands. Robert Greenwood, He has killed and eaten at least a dozen women. Barbara Kean, she killed her parents." Jim said. All went silent. Jim walks away with Lee.

The next day Theo is reading the headlines of the paper. "Now we have made the headlines we will raise some hell." Jerome said. "Not before we learn some style." Theo said with a smile. What is he up to. He is one odd man. He gets Jerome and the other boys to say a few words. Jerome when it is his turn jumps up on the chair. He has on a red dressing gown. He likes to stand out. "Ladies and Gentlemen." He said with a lot of style. Well he did work in the circus. Mayor James runs into the room. The girl we know as Tabatha is chasing him with a whip. Bondage Tabatha? Nice! Barbara is close behind. "You haven't killed him have you?" Theo asked the girls. "No." Tabatha said kicking the mayor. "Why do they get to have all the fun?" Barbara asked. "You seem to be doing a good job of it Barbie." Jerome said. Barbara went to hit him with the whip. "Down girl. Your turn will come." Theo said with a smile at her.

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