The Anvil or the Hammer

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It's the next morning, Barbara is awake

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It's the next morning, Barbara is awake. She wants to go home now. I was a great night I think. She is smiling! Ogre don't want her to go. He actually begs. I think he likes ya Barbara, ya better watch out Jim. "I knew the first moment we met. I saw the real you Barbara. He is holding her hand. He said to to sit and they would talk. He lets her go. Barbara runs to the door. As he chases her, he places a black hood over her head. "Or we will have to do it the hard way." He said to her. He is just so mean to our Barbara! Jim where are ya?

He is at work. "The girls?" He asked Lee. "They are off to school. Mrs Amos from downstairs at Barbara's. She said she would pick them up when she picks up Sandra. She said she could watch them for a few days if you like?" Lee said. "Yes thank her for me. I'm sorry about all this Lee." Jim said. Just bet you are Jim. We asked ya about Barbara did we not? "Hey Jimbo. This here is Jake. He is a pimp. Claims he knows the Ogre." Harvey said bringing in the man. "Sorry Lee I have to follow this lead." Jim said. "I understand, here eat something." Lee said before a quick kiss. She went off to her job.

Ed has brought two huge bags to work. What has he done now? He gets them to his rooms. Opens them up. Tom inside, all hacked up! You are one sneaky man Ed. I Like it.

In the interview room with Jake the pimp. Oh Harvey ya know some lovely people. They talk to Jake. He claims he aint seen the man. "Well he has killed at least a dozen women. He has a woman now. We need to stop him." Jim said. "How much is she worth?" Jake asked. Jim went into overload. But he got his answer. Turns out Jake worked for a club called 'The Foxglove'. Harvey knows it. "It's a pretty exclusive place." Harvey said. Jim is now off to see Pengie. "You know if you get any deeper into it with him. You will drown." Harvey said to Jim. "I'm a good swimmer." Jim said. I bet you are Jim.

Meanwhile Barbara is with Ogre. He has handcuffed her to the rack hanging from the ceiling. Like it was an everyday thing. "You know my first was the hardest." he said to Barbara. She of course could not answer. She was gagged. He is nasty!

Bruce is at home. Doing his Detective work again. Jackson and Tony are studding. "This came for you Master Bruce." Alfred said handing him a small package. The other two boys looked up. "Did you want one of us to come with you?" Bruce asked Alfred. "No it should be fine. I can identify Reggie well enough alone. I will see you all later. Behave." Alfred said. "Yes Sir." Jackson said giving him a salute. "You my boy are skating on thin ice." Alfred said before leaving. "Is that from Selina?" Jackson asked. "Yes. It's the key." Bruce said. "So we are on for today?" Tony asked a smile came onto his face. Bruce nodded.

"Hey Harleen. What ya up to?" Jade asked with a smile. "Nothing." Harleen said with a giggle. "You taking her out to lunch are ya?" Ivy asked as she watered her mushrooms. "Yeah. If ya can spare her?" Jade said with a smile. "Off ya go. Remember I'm a vegan." Ivy called to them as they left. "Like I could ever forget." Harleen said with a giggle. "Come on let's go to the midtown bridge." Jade said. "I aint going to kiss ya up there Jade. So don't ask. Or is Jackson up there waiting?" Harleen asked. "No he aint. Come." Jade said running off. The girls made it to the bridge in record time. Jade climbed up like lightning she was where she needed to be. Jade opened the lock on the door. She climbed through the small opening. Harleen right behind. "Wow what have ya got here?" Harleen asked. "Cool huh." Jade said. "Who are they?" Harleen asked takeing up the picture frame. "That is Dad, I guess Mum. Don't know who the older woman is. But the little baby girl is me. I think that is our Brother. Don't quite remember his name. But that is Mummy Dee." Jade said pointing to Dee. "mummy Dee?" Harleen asked. "I don't know. I just know her name is Mummy Dee." Jade said. "Well who are these too?" Harleen asked looking at the next picture. "That is Selina and her Mum. Again don't know the others." Jade said. "Ya have a lot of stuff here." Harleen said looking around. "Yeah when our Mum's left us at the orphanage, we run away. Selina and I. Well a family found us and took us in. I found our old house. Went inside. Found some of this stuff. Went back a few times. But I do remember a lot of it." Jade said. "So why have ya never brought us here?" Harleen asked. "Selina has never been here. Ya got to promise not to tell her." Jade said. "Alright." Harleen said. "Can I keep this?" Harleen asked taking a small picture of Dee. "Yep if ya want." Jade said. "Thanks Jade." Harleen said. "Ya are me sister. I will share almost everything with ya." Jade said. "Almost?" Harleen asked. "Well I aint going to tell ya about what Tony and I do. Ya not a perv are ya?" Jade asked. "No. Whatever that is." Harleen said as she skipped away with Jade.

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