Under the Knife

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Bruce has been separated from the others

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Bruce has been separated from the others. He is wandering around under the bridge area. A man goes to Bruce and hassles him. "Get away from him." Selina said. "Or what?" He said being smart. "Or you will have to deal with us." Jade said walking up to Selina with her blade out. Jackson did the same. Selina flicked hers out. Bruce and Tony looked on in shock. Who were these girls, for that matter who was Jackson? Bruce thought. The man backed away into the darkness. "Did you go back?" Bruce asked Selina. "Yeah." Selina said. Bruce looked at her expectantly. "We didn't." Jade said with a giggle. "I bet you two didn't. Did ya go down under the bridge?" Jackson asked with a laugh. "No." Tony said his eyes wide. "So what happened back there?" Bruce asked. "What do ya mean?" Selina asked. "He give you the name. You did not have to kill him!" Bruce yelled at her. "You wanted to do it." Selina said. "Yeah but you didn't have the guts." Selina said standing in front of Tony. "You still didn't have to it." Bruce said. "Oh yes we did. He was going to tell." Selina said. "Yeah Brucey he sicked a trained assassin onto you and Alfred." Jackson said. "Yeah probably the same one who killed ya parents." Jade said. Bruce stood there in shock. "What are we going to do now?" Bruce asked. "We. You didn't want my help remember?" Selina threw back at him. "I do now." Bruce said. "So Bunderslaw has the files you want. Where would he keep them?" Jackson asked. "In his safe." Bruce said. "Oh yeah I remember Dad had one." Tony said. "Key or combo?" Selena asked. "Key." Both the boys said. "Get me close. I will get the key." Selina said. "OK, there is a charity ball next week. Want to come?" Bruce asked. Selina smiled. "Would you be my plus one Mara?" Tony asked Jade. "Love to Tones." Jade replied with her famous giggle. "No, Harleen may not go with you." Jade said to Jackson. "It was worth a try." Jackson said. "Tell no one! Do you two hear me. No one. Not ya Butler, or ya Detective friend. Do I make myself clear?" Selina said glaring at Bruce and Tony. "Like crystal." Tony said Bruce nodded.

Ed is in the M.E. room. He is doing an autopsy on the watermelon. Don't know what it did to him? Jim bursts in. "Where Dr Tompkins?" Jim asked. You see he found out last night that, the Ogre. Well he kills the loved ones that the investigating Detective. I guess he is in love with Lee after all. What about Barbara Jim? What about the girls? "She is at home. She gave me permission." Ed said as Jim run out of the room.

Ogre has a snap shot of Jim from the papers. It is from when he was with Barbara. Jim what about Barbara?

Lee is indeed at home. She is in the bath. She hears a noise. But alas it is the cat. Nice pussy. Jim finally gets to her. Tells her all about the Ogre. Only after she hit him over the head with a saucepan. It's then she realized that Jim loved her. Awe...

Ogre is at a club. He sits down in a booth. It just so happens that it is the Booth that Barbara is in. Jim what about Barbara? Barbara has brought him home. No Barbara Run girl Run! They talk. Barbara calls for Selina. But the girls are not home. Barbara gets him a drink. They then talk. He wants to know if she has a boyfriend. She tells him that if she dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow. No one would miss her. We would Barbie. What about your girls. Ya can't leave em with Jim. Samantha hates him.

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