Everyone Has a Cobblepot

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Alfred is awake

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Alfred is awake. Bruce and Tony are lazing by his bed. Jim returns from cafe. Jackson is with him. They have food. "Thank You." Tony said sitting down to eat with a smile. "What none for me?" Alfred asked. "No you get to eat the good stuff they have here." Jackson said with a smile. "Yeah thanks for that mate." Alfred said glaring at him. "So who did this?" Jim asked. "It .... " Bruce was cut off. "It was dark. I didn't see much. Got puncher. Got a leak. Then Master Bruce and Master Tony were with me." Alfred said. "Well if you remember anything. Let us know." Jim said. "Oh we will Detective." Jackson said. "My captain keeps calling me. I have to go." Jim said. "Thank you for coming Detective." Bruce said shaking his hand. "Yes thank you Sir." Alfred said. Jim left the room. "Why are we not telling him about Lt Reggie the dufus?"Jackson asked. "Reggie as bad as he is, is a mate. I will take care of him." Alfred said un hooking himself from the machines. "No Alfred. Get back into bed." Tony shouted at him. "No I have to see about Reggie. Before he gets to far." Alfred said. "Back to bed Alfred. That is an order." Bruce said to him. Alfred fell onto the bed. "So do ya talk to Selina that way Brucey?" Jackson said with a laugh. "No." Bruce said. "Maybe you should." Tony said as he and Jackson laughed. I don't think so Bruce!

Fish is awake. She has a patch over her eye. The doctor is talking to her. Asking how she is feeling. "Who are you?" Fish asked. "Dr Francis Dulmacher. I am the owner of this facility." He said with pride. They talk. Fish wants him to make her his right hand woman. I would she is so sexy. He is not so sure. They talk some more. He tells her sorry he could not match her eye colour. She goes to the mirror and pulls off the eye patch. Fish now has one bright Blue eye! But she is still sexy as ever. What a woman!

Dent is in with Sarah in her office. Flass is out of prison. He had a witness that got him off. He is being backed by Commissioner Loeb, for the president of the Policeman's Union. Whatever that is. Jim is not a happy man. Dent has no idea who the mystery witness is. Jim heads straight into Loeb's office. "You could have at least knocked Gordon." Loeb said to him. "Flass is out. Why?" Jim asked. Loeb gives a speech to Jim. He takes great pleasure in showing Jim the tape. It is in the interview rooms. Harvey is saying he gave a false statement at Flass trial. Jim heads straight to Harvey. "You know I have a Cobblepot too. Only mine did not come back." Harvey yelled back at Jim. Well if you have one too Harvey. Do ya think Loeb might just have one?

Kristen Kringle is in the lab dropping off files. Ed runs into her. Tells her that Flass is out. He is bad news. "I know. I know now there are better men out there." Kristin said with a smile. Woo hoo Ed looks like ya are in with a chance.

Jim is talking to Dent at the cafe. They talk about Loeb. Nothing suspicious there? "His wife died about 20 years ago. Fell down the stairs. Some say he did it." Dent said. He has files that go back that far. He can't be that old can he?

Dent is now escorting a man into the locker rooms. You guys and the locker rooms! They talk to a man called Griggs. He is Loeb's old partner. They want to know if he has any secrets on Loeb. Nothing! What? He then tells them to go see Xi Lu. Who is that? The boys follow the lead. They go to Chinatown to see Xi Lu. They find him at the back of the restaurant. With a lot of other men counting money. Jim and Harvey Dent ask for Xi Lu. He stands, talks with the two men. Then makes a phone call. Now we are cooking with gas. There is a shoot out. Dent and Jim make it out only because of Good old Harvey Bullock! Ya see Jim, ya should have stuck with Harvey in the first place.

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