The Blind Fortune Teller

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Pengie is at his club.  He is listening to Mother sing.  I know she is a big star Pengie.  But do you really think she can sing?  By the look on his face she dose.  He is one happy man.  Pengie, look around you.  People are walking out.  Pengie what are you doing?

Barbara has arrived home.  The house is quiet for a change.  Samantha and Rachel are off with Jim.  Jade and Harleen are off with Jackson and Tony.  Holly is having a sleepover with a friend.  Barbara comes in she is a little drunk.  "Who are you?" Barbara asked.  "Friends of Samantha and Rachel." Selina said.  "Where are they?" Barbara asked.  "Out with the Daddy Killer." Ivy said.  "Well screw them anyway huh?" She said eating from the cereal box.

Jade is sitting ringside with Tony.  They are holding hands.  Harleen is sitting holding on to Jackson beside them.  Samantha and Rachel are sitting in between Jim and Lee.  Jim leans over to smile at Lee.  Samantha moves in to his eyesight.  She is looking down at Jade and Harleen.  They are all watching the Flying Graysons.  They are tumbling and twirling at the top of the big top.  "Aint they just so cool Tones?" Jade said to him.  He smiled and nodded.  He was not going to take his eyes off them.  Then a big red car comes out into the ring.  It's the clowns.  "They are me favorite." Harleen said giggling.  "Mine too." Jackson said with a laugh.  "Oh it don't look like they is supposed to be there." Jade said.  "Oh that has got to hurt." Tony said with a wince.  They watch as the clowns and the Graysons fight.  One of the clowns breaks a bottle on the Grayson's head.  "Oh Daddy did you see that?" Rachel said pointing to the clowns.  Jim nods at Lee.  "GCPD.  No one move." He said.  "Who invited the Daddy Killer?" Harleen asked with a giggle.  

Pengie is still watching Mother.  She can hold a turn the old girl.  But not one you would pay to see.  But Pengie is so proud.  She finishes her tune and takes a bow.  Pengie claps.  But alas not everyone appreciates Mother's singing.  "Boo!  Get off ya old bag." A drunk at the back of the club shouts.  Oh watch out Pengie is mad.  He goes to the drunk.  Glass breaks, blood splatters on the patrons.  Pengie what have ya done?  You divine thing!!      🐧

Jim is talking to the clowns.  He is asking why they are fighting.  Did someone forget to put the confetti in the bucket? Ha ha.  🤡 Now he is talking to the Graysons.  They not talking ether.  Bugger Jim, this just aint your night is it?  Jim goes over to Dr Lee.  She has been treating the Graysons for their cuts and bruises.  She has found out that it is a feud.  Between the two families.  She also finds out that Lila the snake charmer is involved.   The perfect woman for you Jim.  She can doctor and do Detective work too.  Samantha tells Jim about Lila.  "Is this true?" Jim asked Lee.  "Yes.  Lila is a real life snake charmer, she is from the side show." Lee said with excitement.  "Let me get one of the uniforms to take the girls home.  You might want to go with them?" Jim said.  "Ha No.  I am tired.  Mum will be expecting us.  Let her stay.  Thanks for the show.  Best ever." Samantha said talking Rachel's hand she run to the police car.   

Jim and Lee go to see Lila.  "GCPD.  I need to speak to Lila." Jim said.  The trailer door opens.  A young man pokes his head out.  He looks like he has been sleeping.  "I'm her son Jerome.  Can I help you Sir?" Jerome asked.  "Do you know where your Mother is?" Jim asked.  "Why no Sir I don't.  But she can not be far.  She has no hat coat or handbag." Jerome said.  "Lila is a party girl.  You know what I mean.  Goes out party's all night.  Then comes home with her knickers in her handbag." The ringmaster said. "But tonight she has no handbag." Jim said.   "Well Sir she can not be far.  Sheba is still here." Jerome said pointing towards the snake.  "Let it out." Jim said.  "What?" Jerome asked.  "Let it out." Jim repeated again.  Jerome did just that.  Sheba found Lila in a matter of seconds.  She was Dead!  "You knew?" Jim asked the ringmaster.  Jerome of course fell to the ground crying.  

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