The Scarecrow

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On the boat with Fish

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On the boat with Fish.  It's pirates alright.  But not Jack Sparrow as we thought.  A huge Gorilla of a man shoots the captain.  He then faces off with Fish.  Wonder who will win that one?  

A man has come home to his apartment.  The lights are not working.  He sees the window open.  Then a man standing in the dark with a hoodie on.  He screams in fear.  Next thing ya know he is dead.  I guess that would do it.  

Fish is awake.  It looks like she is in an abandon building in the Narrows.  There are people fighting all around her.  A man sitting across from her smiles at her.  "Am I dreaming?" She asked.   "You wish." He replied.  "What are they waiting for?" She asked nodding to the two men standing leering at her.  "They are waiting to see who will get the new girl first." He said.  "Really?" She said standing up.  Fish went over to them.  "I'll make you a promise boy's.  The first one to come at me will die quick.  The second very very slowly.  So who's first?" She asked standing with her hands on her hips.  What a woman.  They both run!  

Jim is out on a date with Lee.  It is their third date.  He wants to go home with her.  She tells him she has to get home.  She starts a new job in the morning.  At the GCPD.  Jim flags her down a Taxi.  She kisses him and leaves him on the street.  From the look on his face.  I don't think he is to happy she is working there.  Bugger hey Jim.  

Harvey and Jim are checking out another murder.  It is the bloke that bit it last night in the dark.  He has the same wounds as the other phobics.  The Adrenal gland is missing.  Wonder who did that?  Dr Crane?  

Big scary house.  It is Dr Crane's house.  He is mincing the Adrenal glands down.  He is getting them ready for injection.  Yuck!  He is injecting himself.  Fool.  He doubles over in what appears to be pain.   He sees a woman in flames.  "Help me Gerald." She calls to him.  Wonder who she is.  Jonathan comes to his aid.  "It worked son, It worked." Crane said.

Tony, Bruce and Jackson, are what looks like going on a hike.  "Now you lot be careful.  Look out for each each other." Alfred said.  "I will be with them old man." Jackson said laughing.  "That is what I am worried about." Alfred said.  "You do know we have made this journey before?" Bruce said with confidence.  "But with Dad." Tony said.  "I will expect to see you by nightfall." Alfred said.  "Yes Alfred." The three boys said all together.  "Go on then be off with ya." Alfred said pushing them out the door.  I wonder where they are going?  Can we come too?

Penguin is with Don Falcone.  He is telling him his tale of woe.  Falcone is ignoring him.  Talking about the club.  Making changes to it.  "This club makes money.  Money is power." Falcone tells Pengie.  He then tells him the club is his.  No more spying for Maroni.  "But that will not stop him coming for me." Penguin whined.  Oh my god he is a whinny little bird aint he.  "Don't worry about Maroni.  I will take care of him.  You take care of this Club." Falcone said with a smile.  I wish I had a friend like Falcone.  Then again maybe not.  

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