The Fearsome Dr. Crane

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There is a man strapped to an old office chair

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There is a man strapped to an old office chair.  He is gagged.  Another man hooks him to a pulley system.  He dangles the man over the edge of the building.  He wakes him up.  The man screams.  I think I would too.  The man on the roof, places a noose around his head.  I tell you people, only in Gotham!

Penguin is with Maroni at the restaurant.  They are celebrating Fish being gone.  They are laughing and having fun.  Then Maroni gets a phone call.  "Hello Sal." Fish said with glee.  He dose not give it away.  Maroni is a cool costumer.  He just acts normal. Fish said she is going on a little vacation.  She then proceeds to tell him.  That Penguin is working for Don Falcone.  That he has been since the beginning.  Maroni smiles, as he watches Penguin tell off one of the waiters.  Maroni hangs up.  "Not bad news I hope?" Penguin said.  Well Bad for you old friend.  "No.  But I need to take a road trip.  Do you want to come?" Maroni asked.  Penguin dose not, you can see.  "Ah yes.  If I could just go ....." Penguin was cut off.  "No.  No time.  come on now.  It will be fun.  Just the two of us." Maroni said.  "Oh yeah a road trip." Penguin said as he got up to go.  Now don't look so sad Pengie, ya might just enjoy it.  But I think not.  

On the rooftops.  Captain Sarah is talking to Harvey.  Ed is there too.  "He has a surgical procedure.  The M.E. will be able to tell us more." Ed said.  "Now Ed he has made a formal complaint about you.  Now stay away from the dead body." Sarah said.  Ed nods and smiles.  Like that is going to stop Ed.  "Where is Jim?" Sarah asked.  "Personal stuff to do." Harvey said.

Samantha and Rachel had gone off to school.  Ivy and Harleen with Holly had gone off to the Mushroom farm.  Selina and Jade were supposed to clean up. But Jade was daydreaming about Tony on the balcony.  Selina was eating cereal from the box in the dinning room.  Jim arrives.  He sees the mess.  "Barbara?  Girls?" He calls.  Silence.  Jim see's Jade on the balcony.  "Hey?" he calls to her.  She jumps.  "Oh it's you.  You know you scared the shit out of me don't ya?" Jade said then she smiled at him.  "How long have you two been here?"He asked them.  "Barbara said it was fine." Selina said.  "Barbara did?" Jim asked.  "Yeah, we know Samantha and Rachel." Jade said.  "Highly unlikely." Jim said.  "How would you know.  You have not been here?" Selina asked.  "No." Jim said.  "I will have to talk to Barbara about this.  Dose she know you are witnesses in a Murder?" Jim asked.  "So you have not been to see Bruce?" Selina asked.  "No he was out of town." Jim said.  "Well he's back." Jade said with a smile at Jim.  "Yeah you had better go see him.  I will tell you what I told him.  I lied.  I didn't see the man." Selina said.  "Please don't call Barbara.  She told us she don't want to talk to you." Jade said before she and Selina jumped.  "Wait!" Jim said as he stood watching the girls get away.  

Jim is now on a mission.  He is off to see Bruce.  "Master Bruce someone to see you." Alfred said.  Jim comes into the room.  Bruce is all moody and sad.  "Hello Detective Gordon." Jackson said with a smile.  "Jackson." Jim replied.  "Hello Detective Gordon.  It is not the most wonderful day?" Tony asked.  "Tony.  Yes." Jim said eyeing him.  "He is in love Detective Gordon." Bruce said.  "Oh." Jim replied.  "What can I do for you today Detective Gordon?" Bruce asked.  "I have seen Selina and Jade.  I heard what they said.  They may be scared Bruce?" Jim said.  "No they are not scared.  They are very tough.  I will find another way.  I release you from your promise." Bruce said as he got up and left the room.  "I think he is a fool.  I love her." Tony said with a laugh.  "Give it a rest Master Tony.  Can I show you out Sir?" Alfred asked Jim.  "Don't be a stranger Detective.  That is Alfred's way of saying. You have outstayed your welcome today Detective." Jackson said laughing.   

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