Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

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Jim untangles himself from Dr Lee

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Jim untangles himself from Dr Lee.  He runs after his girls.  A bit late don't ya think Jim?  "Samantha, Rachel.  Wait." Jim called to them.  "Why did you want to introduce us to your new painted lady?" Samantha said anger in her voice.  "Look it's work.  Tell Barbara I will call around soon." Jim said.  "Why did you want to introduce Mummy to her too?" Samantha said.  Rachel was crying.  The taxi came.  The girls got in.  "Girls?" Jim said as they drove away in the Taxi.  Too late Jim.  They seen ya.

Body bag being brought into a cage.  Looks like a torture room.  It's Fish!  She is still sassy even though she knows she is on the last leg.  "You must be the B team." She said to them.  "Yes Bob will be taking care of you today." They said to her.  She laughs.      

Next morning at a warehouse.  This one is a working one.  A body is hanging from the rafters.  Harvey is already there.  Jim has just arrived.  "Good morning.  Have you seen Fish?" Jim asked Harvey.  "No but her place is all shot up.  She is a big girl.  She knew the score." Harvey said.  "I'm sorry Harvey I know you had a thing for her." Jim said.  "I don't have a thing for no one.  But,I heard that you got cought in the locker rooms last night.  With Doc Tompkins?" Harvey asked.  "It's business." Jim said.  "So what about the girls?" Harvey asked.  "In damage control.  What we got?" Jim asked.  "Pinky Littlefield.  He is one of the Narcotic team.  Flass, Gordon, Gordon, Flass." Harvey said introducing them.  "He is one of mine.  Now if you will excuse me I have to go." Flass said leaving with Harvey.  Jim finds drugs in his shoe.  Well he is on the Narcotic's team Jim.  Leon the night manager see who did the murder.  Jim takes him down to the GCPD.  He will be safe there.  Leon is in the interview room.  He is yet to see the sketch artist.  He is stabbed in the back.  Ed tells them that it had been done with an ice pick.  The same as the man hanging!  But there is no tapes from the evidence room. 

Fish talks to Bob.  He looks like a drop kick.  He has two girls.  Nice man, I think not.  "Now Maria  Mercedes Moon." Bob said to her.  "That's my name." She said with a laugh.  Fish insults Bob's girls.  Bob punches Fish.  Fish spits blood at Bob!  I like her, she is a fighter till the end.  

A blue van is heading down the road.  Butch is in the back.  He is all tied up.  Let Butch go you mean men!  Well looks like they don't have to.  Butch is out.  He kills one then holds the other one by the throat.  "Where's Fish?" He asked.  Go Uncle Butch Go!

Jim is talking to Harvey.  "The killer is in our house.  He is one of us." Jim said.  "You can't Jim.  They will not talk to you." Harvey said.  Don't think I would ether.  Barbara Who? 

Bruce is back in town.  He is driving around the streets of the Narrows.  Is he looking for someone special?  Jackson and Tony are with him too.  They all look excited.  Alfred gets stuck in traffic.  Bruce jumps out of the car.  As dose Tony.  They are standing arguing with Alfred on the street.  "Get out of the way." Ivy said as she barged through.  "Yeah we have food to deliver." Harleen said.  They were on the Burger run.  Rachel was sick of Pizza.  "Ivy?" Bruce asked.  "Yes.  Hello Billionaire Boy." Ivy said.  "With his grandpa, and brother." Harleen said with a giggle.  "No that's his body guard." Ivy said with a grin.  "I am if needed." Alfred said puffing out his chest.  "Have you seen Selina, Jade?" They boys asked together.  "Be careful boys.  Looks like they have the mange." Alfred said.  That did it.  Harleen went over to Alfred.  "I will give you more than the mange mister.  Don't speak to my sister like that!" Harleen said kicking him in the shins, as she pushed her glasses back up onto her nose.   Jackson who was in the car listening.  Laughed.  He got out.  His eyes glazed over.  "Hello pretty girl." He said to her.  He bowed down low.  "Jackson Napier at your service." He said to her.  She giggled.  "Harleen!" Ivy called.  "Oh sorry.  Burgers are getting cold have to go." Harleen said as she watched the young man.  She smiled at him.  "What is in the bag?" Ivy asked eyeing off the brown paper bag Bruce held.  "Do you think you could give Selina and Jade a message for us?" Tony asked.  "Is that for Selina.  We can give it to her." Ivy said.  "Just give her the message please." Bruce said.  "$20." Ivy said.  "Alfred." Bruce tapped the man.  "Really Master Bruce." he said getting out the 20.  "One for me too." Harleen said smileing at Jackson.  He went into his pocket and handed her a 20.  But he wrote a number on it first.  "Call me." He said smileing at Harleen.  "Can we go home now?" Alfred asked.  Awe Alfred, don't ya like young love?

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