What the Little Bird Told Him

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Gruber and Arron have arrive in Gotham.  See Jim I told ya they would.  They have come to visit Erwin Electronics.  Fry a man on the door.  He aint messing around is he?  

Sarah Essen is telling the GCPD about Gruber and Arron.  They are very dangerous.  We know Sarah we just seen what they can do.  Jim is at the GCPD.  Harvey tells him he has to leave.  Commissioner Loeb is coming to visit.  Jim insists he should be on the case.  Oh no Loeb is here.  Watch out Jim. "What are you doing here Gordon?" Loeb asked.  Jim tells him he should be on the case.  "Come.  Bring your friend Bullock with you." Loeb said glaring at Jim.  "Been nice knowing you pal." Harvey said as they walk.  Jim somehow gets his badge back.  But it is only for 24 hours.  What ya going to do Jim, ya lied to Loeb. 

Gruber is talking to the other man.  "You came up with the double cross.  I just want the machine."Gruber said.  As he hooked the other man to the machine.  Wonder what that will do to him? 

Jim and Harvey are arguing again.  "We have a maniac on the loose.  You lie to Loeb." Harvey said.  "I didn't let him escape you know." Jim said.  "I just bet you didn't." Harvey said with a laugh.  

Flash back.  

A girl looks a lot like Liza.  She is sitting in a room with a dead body.  And lots of relatives.  She has a boy on her lap.  He turns out to be Falcone.  Oh so Liza looks like Falcone's Mummy!  You crafty woman Fish!

Falcone is with a young man.  He is begging for forgiveness.  But Falcone has his shot.  What is it with you lot.  Call them family, then shoot them!  Glad I aint in the family.

Now he is walking with Liza.  He tells her she is a nice girl.  He will set her up with a bakery or something.  She should go and find a husband.  She said No.  She likes it here with him.  She picks a flower and gives it to him.  He sighs and goes off to work.  What some more killing of Family?  

Jim is at the GCPD with Harvey.  "You are like a roller-coaster.  Only you never go up." Harvey said to Jim.  "Wouldn't that be like an elevator?" Ed asked with his famous smile.  "What have you got for us Ed?" Harvey asked.  He has been busy.  He has cross referenced the fingerprints.  He has found out who Jack Gruber really is.  Jack Buchinsky.  Clever Ed. 

Ed has seen Kristin.  He rushes over to her.  She hands back his present he left on her desk.  A cup cake with a bullet in it.  "It's a riddle." he said to her.  "It's creepy." She replied walking away.  Maybe it is a little Ed.

"Jack was involved with robbing four banks.  GCPD got him by accident." Harvey said to Jim.   "I wonder who his partners were?" Jim asked.  So do we Jim.  A uniform give Harvey a note.  They are off to investigate.

They find The Arkum Van with Gruber's prints in it.  They also find a man fired at the door.  The other one?  He is writing on the wall.  the same thing over and over.  Gruber strikes again!

Liza is out with her security man.  He is shot and killed.  She has a bag placed over her head.  She is shoved into a car.  Bag is off.  "Fish, Oh thank god." Liza said with relief.  "It's time Liza." Fish said.  Do ya think Liza has a nice scarf on.  It is a pretty pink one, ya know the sought of thing.  Real fluffy like.  I think I like it. 

Falcone gets a call.  "We have Liza." They said.  Well we know it is Fish.  "Don't hurt her." Falcone said.  I think he likes her.  What do you think?  

"What now?" Liza asked.  "We let him re think his life." Fish said.  I knew it Fish, you are a Star Wars Fan!  Just like me.  

Dr Lee arrives at the GCPD.  Yeah yeah Lee.  Any excuse to go see Jim.  We know.  Harvey is reading the paper.  "The Electroutioner." The headlines read.  "I think it is a good name." Ed said with a smile.  So do I Ed.  He offers Jim and Harvey Galoshes.  Harvey is a defecate no!  But Jim takes them.  I bet Ed is wearing them.  Dr Lee makes her way straight to Jim.  See I told ya she just wanted to see him.  Get back, Jim think about Barbara.  "Hello, Dr Tompkins. I bet it is ciaos down there."Jim said to her.  He thinks it is a personal visit.  "Harvey Bullock, this is Dr Lee Tompkins from Arkum." Jim said.  Harvey nods and smiles.  "MY friends call me Lee.  Hello Detective Bullock." Lee said.  Get back in ya box Jim.  She is here concerning the case.  See she has a dolly.  A voodoo doll.  I like it.  We want one too.  Can we pay the old girl in candy too?  This one Gruber ordered.  He looks just like Maroni!  How cool.

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