Rogues' Gallery

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Jim is now working at Arkum

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Jim is now working at Arkum.  He has been there for four weeks now.  He is board.  The inmates have put on a play.  Shakespeare no less.  A fight breaks out.  Caicos rules.  One inmate Royston has been attacked.  They call in the big guns.  The Dr from the female ward.  Nice looking Dr.  She catches Jim's eye.  "This has been the forth inmate to need attention.  They have all been while you are in charge Gordon." Director Lang said to Jim.  "It's my fault Mr Lang." Nurse Duncan said.  "It is Dr or Director Lang Nurse Duncan." He said to her.  "He will be fine." Dr said.  She smiles at Jim.  Really?  Nurse and Lang leave.  Jim stays and flirts with new Dr.  Her name is Dr Lee Tompkins.  She tell's him she has heard of him.  All the girls are talking about him.  Whoo Hoo, Jim ya are hot stuff in Arkum.  But Jim are you forgetting someone? Barbara Who?  Jim what about the girls?

It has been raining in Gotham.  But it has finally stopped.  Selina and Jade are wandering the streets.  They are arguing.  Something they have done a lot of since their time with Bruce and Tony.  Jade runs off in a tantrum.  Selina hears coughing.  "Ivy?" She asked looking into the huge cardboard box.  Ivy is laying on the ground shivering.  Her head in Harleen's lap.  "She needs to see a Doctor." Selina said.  "No!  No doctors." Harleen said.  "Never again!" Ivy said coughing.  Selina looked at the pair of them.  Wet and cold.  "Come on." Selina said.  She had better help she thought.  Jade would never forgive her if she didn't.  Selina takes them to Barbara's place.  She climbs in the window.  Goes to open the door.  Samantha and Rachel run out of their rooms.  "Hi.  What ya doing?" Samantha asked her.  "My friend is sick.  I thought there was no one here.  We will go.  Please don't tell the Detective." Selina said.  "He is not here.  Come on in." Samantha said.  "You can lay down in my room.  I am in with Samantha now." Rachel said taking Ivy to her room.  "Thanks." Harleen said with a smile.  "I'm Rachel.  That is Samantha." She said.  "Hi.  Harleen and Ivy Pepper.  Nice to meet ya."Harleen said.  She pushed her glasses up onto her face.  "How long you girls been here?" Selina asked.  "Since Mum left us." Samantha said.  "That would be about six weeks?" Selina said.  "Something like that." Samantha replied.  "Hey why is your Mum so worried about Falcone?" Selina asked.  "Oh that is a long story.  Let me tell it to you while we make some food for the sick girl." Samantha said with a grin.  

Penguin is at the doc's, with Gabe.  He is trying to get more taxes out of the fisherman.  25% more.  Naughty bird.  He tells them he is THE Penguin.  They laugh.  They don't seem to care Pengie.  They have called the cops.  Penguin laughs then.  But poor Penguin.  He is knocked out.  Given a black eye!  Naughty cops! 🐧

Jim is doing his rounds at Arkum.  He finds one of the inmates in his cell.  He is just sitting there, not moving.  Jim investigates.  He has had his brain fried!  Watch out Jim they may get you if you aint careful.  Dr Lee explains it.  He has had metal needles inserted into his brain.  Who would do that?  Dr Lang argues with Jim again.  Says that is all his fault.  "We are in an unsafe 200 year old maze.  How is that my fault?" Jim argues.  Jim wants to call the GCPD in on this.  Dr Lang has other ideas.  Jim and Lee talk some more.  They thin this is rather unusual and sinister.  How did yas work that one out?  

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