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Jim has caved, he is calling Barbara

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Jim has caved, he is calling Barbara.  She of course is not answering.  She is laying on the bed listening to the message.  "Barbara I miss you.  I have nothing without you.  Please come back Barbara.  We love you.  We miss you." Jim said.  Awe.  Barbara is watching the phone.  The Rene pops her head up and kisses Barbara.  What?  Barbara where are the girls?  Jim what about the girls?

A girl, she looks like Maze.  You know Mazikeen from Lucifer? She like Fish, one sexy woman.  She in the garden at Wayne Manor.  Oh no it is Maze, she just killed the Gardner. 

Bruce and Selina are balancing on the banister.  Three floors up.  Jackson, Jade and Tony.  Who is holding Jade's hand again.  Are watching.  They jump down.  Tony breathes a sigh of relief.  "Ya know if ya really want to test yourself.  You should go to the mid town bridge." Jade said getting up and letting go of Tony.  "Have you been there Selina?" Bruce asked her.  "Yeah lots of times." Selina said.  "Ya know kids go there to make out." Jade said with a giggle.  "Have you been?" Tony asked.  "Na." Jade said walking away form him.  Jackson laughed.  "You want to kiss me?" Selina asked Bruce.  "No thank you." Bruce replied.  "Would you like to kiss me Jade?" Tony asked.  "Na." Jade said.  "Why?" Selina asked.  "I would like to kiss you.  But with you there is always a motive behind it." Bruce said.  "Well screw you too Orphan." Selina said walking away.  "Here I was thing you were nice too." Jackson said to her.  "Sena why you so mean?" Jade asked.  As they head down the stairs, the door bell goes.  No Alfred don't do it.  Maze is on the other side.  She will take you straight to hell.  But alas he dose.  "Hello Miss, oh let me help." Alfred said he seen the blood on her face.  "Alfred?" Bruce said to him.  Maze looked up and seen Selina.  Alfred followed her gaze.  "RUN!" He called to the children.  They run right back up the stairs.  Into the closet.  "It's the servant's entrance." Bruce said to Selina.  That took them back down to the first floor.  Meanwhile Alfred is fighting with Maze.  He is putting up a good fight too.  Maze follows the children.  Not hard to do.  Jade yelling at Tony.  "Leave me alone!" She follows them out to the first floor.  Selina, and Jade jump.  Tony without hesitation jumps.  "Come on Bruce." Tony yells from the ground.  "Go Brucey.  I will try and fend off Maze for you." Jackson said laughing as he seen her coming.  Bruce jumped and run with the others.  By now Alfred and Jackson have met up in the grounds.  Maze and her crew are by now running off.  They shoot at Alfred, he has a gun too.  They get Alfred in the shoulder.  Owe, that's got to hurt.  "Bruce, Tony!" They yell into the grounds.  

Jim is now there with Alfred.  "The GCPD are combing the woods. Now are you alright?" Jim asked Alfred.  "Yes it is just a scratch." Alfred said.  "How did this happen?" Jim said.  "They were paid assassins.  You brought them to this house." Alfred said he was angry.  Harvey arrives.  "Hello you must be The Alfred Pennyworth I have heard so much about." Harvey said.  He has pictures of Jade and Selina.  "I found this on the dead guy.  These kids were involved with the child snatches." Harvey went off at Jim.  Jim and Harvey go at it.  Jim fills Harvey in on what is going on.  Alfred tells them to pull their heads in.  They can fight later.  "You are pretty handy with a gun for a Valet." Harvey said.  Jackson laughs.  "I'm a Butler mate.  You stay here Jackson." Alfred said.  "As usual Bruce and Tony get to have all the fun." Jackson said laughing.  "So what dose a Butler do?" Harvey asked as they left the Mansion.  Buttle?

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